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Gizmo coming soon to MultiVersus, separate from Stripe

The community was hoping for Rick Sanchez to enter the battle, but it seems we're getting Gizmo on September 9th, not Rick, as anticipated. This is a little disappointing, no doubt, but it is what it is. We have a feeling at SPG that they're going to end up saving Rick to drop right around the time that the new season of Rick and Morty is coming out, which is September 11th, so maybe we will be getting a surprise drop?

It seems a bit close to the Gizmo drop, but who knows.

It's also been confirmed that Stripe and Gizmo are two characters, not one, as Redditors have previously speculated. So that's another two full characters coming to the roster. Maybe a ton of people are hyped about Gremlins content in MultiVersus. I don't happen to be one of them, but I'm happy for all those who are happy about these drops!! I barely remember the movie other than the fact that I wasn't a fan as a kid. I'll certainly be giving the characters a chance but I'm not one of the people crazy about these being the next ones coming to MV.

We will keep up to date for you guys with all new character news, Gizmo, Rick, and the rest of the rumored Sept and October releases for MultiVersus like BeetleJuice and Wicked Witch of the West.

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Is the controller better than the keyboard for MultiVersus?

It's an argument as old as time. Which is better, the mouse-and-keyboard or the controller? It depends on the player, on the game, on the genre, and a ton of other factors. When it comes to fighting games, the classic arcade-stick setup is often the "pro" way to play because of the quick inputs and the addition of a joystick, which tends to be how people like to move in these games.

I started playing MultiVersus on steam and have been playing mainly on that platform, so I started off just playing with the keyboard. I love the ability to input quickly with seemingly no input lag when using a mechanical keyboard. Still, I've noticed that most of the pros I see playing on YouTube use controllers, so I am considering getting over that hump to get more comfortable playing on the controller.

Which is better? Keyboard vs. controller for MultiVersus

I'll update you guys on my progress as I go through this weird change. I may also be competing in tourneys coming up soon, which will be streaming on my twitch channel, so give me a follow so you know when I am coming on!

Looking forward to settling this age-old debate once and for all!


It depends on you. For me, the keyboard is just way better. More responsive and accurate. The joysticks make some of the inputs messy to me. With Finn, for example, it's a lot harder to do the directional attack that I'm trying to do while in the heat of a match.

It's strange because I do see most of the pros that I see on YouTube playing with a controller, but many pros playing other fighting games like streetfighter choose to use arcade sticks, which is more like a keyboard to me.

The joystick just isn't for me. Maybe it's for you, and I ain't hating on that. If you want to settle this, hit us up in discord and fight me!

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We were wrong about Morty... He's a beast.

Gotta say I was totally wrong about Morty with our first impressions of Morty for Multiversus post. To be fair,,, I also should not have been making any kind of post on Morty's kit in Multiversus just to do one quickly without even getting him to level 10. Live and learn. Won't be doing that again with ANY character current or new until I have them up to level 10 and have messed around with their kit enough to at least get a few wins under my belt and try all their main perks.

His kit is fun, fast, and confusing as hell for your opponents, making him kind of a trixter, assassin, bruiser, mage type of character. It's hard to describe him with one word, which is why Player First Games probably just defaulted to calling him a "bruiser," but we're sorry for calling the young man trash in our previous post, because after getting to learn him and become more comfortable with his moveset.

There are few characters in the game with a spike quite as satisfying as his. Now that I have made a few people rage quit, have gotten my perks right on him for my playstyle, and have won a few games with around 100 damage total,,, I think I have the right to comment on this little stud.

We have a how to play coming soon for Morty!! Stay tuned.

And as always, thank you for reading.

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Our first impressions of Morty

Update: Morty is not complete trash. Standby for more.

So, Morty from Rick and Morty was added to MultiVersus. This long-awaited new character came on August 23rd, and he is... interesting. Morty is classified as a bruiser and comes with a kit of attacks and specials that have many on the interwebs claiming he's more of a mage in reality. We agree with that. He has a cooldown on almost, if not all, his special abilities. The problem is that he doesn't do the crazy damage or knockback with his abilities the way Bugs and Tom and Jerry do. It seems he's in need of some tweaking. This post goes over our first impressions of Morty as a new fighter in MultiVersus.

Our first impressions of Morty in MultiVersus are honestly that he's pretty trash. He has some interesting moves, and it's certainly possible that a meta playstyle for him will come out, being that it's only been a day or so, but even so, right now, we've had very little issue handling him in 1v1 and 2v2 and we've also had a very hard time winning in 1v1 and 2v2 playing as him.

Then again, this is how we felt about Iron Giant in the first weeks of MV and people have certainly learned to play him much better. We're always open to updating our take as things progress, updates come out, new metas emerge, and so forth.

How to finish with Morty

His lack of finishers and low damage output make him a quizzical addition to the MV roster that will likely require further tweaking. From our playing of Morty so far, it seems his up air and his down air are his best and most consistent finishers. The third attack of his combo when he brings out Hammer Morty also has some good knockback, though it also has pretty low damage for something that is so difficult to land because of his really long combo frame count. It's very easy to dodge out in the middle of his combo, and it takes him what feels like an eternity to get that last move off.

There is an alteration to the combo where you can use a whip instead of Hammer Morty, so maybe those extra frames are there for you to decide what you want to do. Even so, it is at the expense of making his combo very usable. You can also charge the final attack, so it seems like almost a separate attack from his combo entirely, though this is a new combo mechanic compared to any other fighters.

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Why Reindog is the Best Support Character in Multiversus

Yes, you read that correctly, I am going to make a case for Reindog being the best support character in Multiversus. Sorry Velma and Steven Universe fans, but it’s true. Although, with the way they have been updating patches you never know who will be nerfed to the ground next week. At the time of writing, Reindog just received a slight buff, but nothing over the top.

Reindog is the only fully original character from Player First Games, so I was interested to see what he was all about. I can't lie I wanted to hop on the game so I can use characters that made me nostalgic, but there was just something about the Reindog's kit that made me want to keep playing him. If you want to know his story take a look here.

The way I’m going to explain this isn’t by bashing any of the other supports too much, but rather by gas Reindog up to the point of him being a mythical figure. Here are 3 reasons why I believe he is the best support character in Multiversus.

1. Reindogs Dominant Save

We’ll start with the most dominant saves in the entire game. There are a few other characters that have a similar, but far less effective type of save as Reindog. For example, Wonder Woman can use her lasso to grab and pull her teammates back to safety. Also, Morty has a move that pulls in a similar way. The thing is - Those are much harder to land, and also not as drastic. Reindogs save is easier to pull off, and as an added bonus you can pull your teammate across the entire map. If you land this at the right time it very well be the difference between winning and losing.

If there is one downside to it has to be that it can be hard to focus on while in the chaos that is a Multiversus matchup. Most games feel like an actual looney toon episode, there are things flying all over the place which makes it a bit harder to focus on it when you’re running for your life.

2. Great Aerials

For what looks like a pleasantly plump reindeer mixed with a dog, Reindog can really move in the air. I would definitely consider him a very “floaty” character. With this being said, he’s not really the fastest mover in the air, but he will cover a good amount of ground and have a few different options of attack. 

We’ll start with Reindogs spike and down aerial. This is something you must master as a Reindog player. Not only will this get you a lot of kills off the stage, but it will also give you a lot of kills towards the middle as well. In general, it is one of his best kill moves no matter where you are. It should be used early and often. It has a big hitbox, breaks shields, and can be charged, giving you an extra punch when needed. As a helpful tip take a look at the pictures below this is about where you should start your down aerial for maximum effectiveness. Reindog needs a little bit of time to complete his revolution for his down aerial. so make sure you account for this.

Reindog also has an aerial side special which is one of his better knockout moves. This move is a bit slow moving and can be punished from time to time, but it’s necessary to learn. It is pretty straightforward, but you can direct it around better than a lot of people think. I suggest going into the lab and just figuring out the movement and range of the move. 

3. Big Damage

One of the more interesting things about Multiversus in my opinion is that their support characters aren’t exactly built to heal, or just shield, but many of them do a ton of damage. Now, this does come with a trade-off it can be more difficult to kill. With Reindog and Velma, they can use their projectiles to rack up huge damage while mostly staying out of the fray. Because of this fact they are best paired with an assassin or a high-damage mage type who can help get those knockouts when their damage is up high.

We will quickly go over just how the Reindog racks up so much damage: 

  • Projectiles - He has some of the best in the entire game. He can throw out a ball of fire, and also his neutral is very useful in battle. It can be used to annoy, or just rack up damage from afar. Also, if the fire is placed down on the floor, you can shoot the neutral through the fire for more damage. Also as an added bonus, when done, you also ignite your opponent from the fire and do more added damage. He's also pretty good at fending off other melee-heavy characters with the use of his short projectiles too.

  • Love Leash - this is an interesting move. This is the dominant save that I was speaking about earlier. The cool thing is that not only is it a save, but it can do some free damage. If someone sits in the leash for the maximum time it can do up to 12 damage which will definitely add up over time.  

  • Melee Monster - Now, when I first used Reindog I almost immediately wrote him off because of the short melee, however, I realized that he is actually competent in melee combat. Once you land the first shot, you can usually get the full combo off which is nice. He also can combo for good damage which can get started from your melee swipe. 

That will be all for now, but we'd love for you to get in contact with us and let us know what you think. You can join our discord and become part of the sweatpants crew. One last thing, be sure to check back to our blog here.

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New Skins for Finn in MultiVersus (Our Favorite Ideas)

Finn used to be used in just about every game of MultVersus when he had a backpack of absolute death and destruction and could spin his enemies into oblivion. He is less common now, and only the real Finn fans remain. He's still a main of mine and someone I plan to stick with through the good times and the bad!

We've seen the rollout of some new skins for Jake, Shaggy, and others but have yet to see anything new dropping for our boy, unfortunately.

In this post, we talk about some of the all-time best iterations of Finn throughout the series that we would love to see as new skins for Finn in MultiVersus as time goes on. Adventure Time is a perfect show to be morphed into a game. In fact, Minecraft has already done a collab with it in the past. It's a show about gear, adventuring, fighting, and deep, compelling storylines. Throughout the series, there are tons of versions and outfits for Finn that would make for great skins!

Flowing Hair Finn

The first time Finn took off his hat was a moment that became an instant classic. his luscious, flowing locks of golden hair need to make their way into MultiVersus. A little bit of well-done hair physics would make Finn a spectacle to behold as he flips around the stage.

Jake-Suit Finn

Jake-Suit Finn is one of the coolest versions of Finn from the show. Wearing Jake as a buffed-out tanky-looking version might make some issues with the hitboxes. Unfortunately, we feel that would hold the devs back from choosing this version of Finn unless they shrunk him down a bit to fit the normal Finn's form factor.

So far, it seems like none of the skins are changing the hitboxes, which is why we also don't think Fiona will be dropping at any point as a version of Finn. Even if they keep the hitboxes the same, it would be confusing.

Wizard Finn

Another classic version of our boy, covered in stars or just with the one big star. Either way would be fantastic.

Farmworld Finn, Mad Farmworld Finn, and Ice Finn

The Farmworld arc is one of the coolest in Adventure Time's 10 seasons. We lumped these all together into one because they're all Farmworld Finn. Personally, I think Ice Finn is the coolest, but any of these would be great additions for Finn Skins in Multiversus that fit his shape and size perfectly.

Flesh Pillow Finn

A little Viking-vibes Finn would be cool. It might not work because he's larger than Finn, which might make the hitboxes a little bit weird. We know hitboxes are a touchy subject on the internet regarding Finn. We don't want him getting nerfed again, so shhhhh.

Fire Suit Finn

Princess Bubblegum outfits Finn with this cool fireproof suit so that he can visit the fire kingdom safely. It shares the same form factor as Finn and fits pretty tight, so it seems like fire suit Finn might be a possibility of a new Finn skin for MultiVersus that wouldn't make the hitboxes weird at all!

Slime Finn

Another that shares the same form factor as ordinary Finn but looks perfect for a skin. Slime Finn is a drippy version of Finn. It kind of looks like the way they did Rick in Fortnite with the slime version, and it could work totally the same way. Maybe little dripping effects come off him when he makes his various charged attacks. That would be sick.

Fire Finn

This would be a great legendary skin idea for Finn. One of the coolest forms of him from throughout the seasons of Adventure Time. Visually stunning and powerful!

Egress Finn

Know what egress means? It means exit. Princess Bubblegum taught me that. Egress Finn would be a bit strange as a pick over some of the others but would still be a great, viable skin for Finn in MultiVersus.

Computer Animated Finn

One of the visually most remarkable episodes of Adventure Time, this computer-animated version of Finn and The Land of OOO by Ke Jiang would be an excellent addition to Finn skins.


Fern is not quite Finn, but a rival of Finn who also happens to match his exact form factor, making him a cool idea for an epic skin that changes the voice lines and animations, similar to the way the Cake skin for Jake does for him.

Metal Arm Finn (with Jake Hat)

Finn gets his metal arm toward the end of the original 10 seasons. At one point, Jake becomes a hat for him. This would be a cool way to put metal arm Finn into the game without it seeming like just a simple boring metal arm is being added.

Minecraft Finn

A collab of epic proportions that would certainly be a cool skin for Finn is Minecraft Finn.

We hope to see new Finn skins dropping in MultiVersus soon!

We haven't given up on our adventuring boy Finn and hope to see a bunch of these new skins added over time! We're patient, of course, and excited to see what the devs roll out in the coming months and years for MultiVersus, but we would love to see a few skins drop for Finn sooner than later. Many of them seem pretty straightforward, they fit his current body, and some would be a very simple recoloring with a few 3d assets added. Nothing crazy! 

Devs, lets get some Finn skins dropping!

Thanks for reading, 

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Best Perks for Jake in MultiVersus

Knowing the best perks for Jake is a matter of understanding the beautiful yellow beast that is Jake the Dog, what he excels at, how he finishes, and what aspects of his kit you want to crack with perks to turn him into a machine totally.

Our boy ThirtySix has been playing a ton of Jake, has pretty much tried it all, and imparted on us some wisdom about what makes Jake tick, what the best perks are for Jake, and you can benefit from all his knowledge and playtime.

What are the best perks for Jake?

main character perk


This is a no-brainer; the bounce house is no good. Catching people in your stretchy body and then clapping them with your cheeks for a finisher is good enough to make it worth it just because of that.

It's great for edge guarding against people trying to recover or overaggressive opponents who will walk right into your sticky molasses booty.

Small perks

Lumpy Space Punch

If you've done any playing at all of Jake, you probably know that his side aerial is one of the best moves in the game, straight up. You can knock people at a distance with it, making other bruisers easy to manage at a distance, and helping you to destroy enemy projectiles. You CAN AIM IT all the way up, all the way down, and everywhere in between, making it a crazy finisher for hitting people trying to recover, above you, and everywhere else.

Cracking out his side air is critical to making him an absolute beast. Lumpy space punch powers up all your aerial attacks, making it a must-have when playing Jake the Dog and using his stretchy fists of doom.

Percussive Punch Power

Again, you'll be using a ton of stretch artillery shell-like punching mitten, so powering up that fist will benefit you since you'll be using it all the time. Percussive punch power will allow you to do 5% more damage with all attacks that knock enemies horizontally, meaning that punch will do more damage all the time you use it.

Tasmanian Trigonometry

Knockback influence is the name of knocking out your enemies in a smash-like fighting game like MultiVersus. 15% knockback influence is just that. It gives all of your moves with knockback influence 15% more juice. You will notice people flying further earlier in the stock, and it makes playing Jake and smacking someone with a diagonal downward stretchy fist into the bottom of the map very satisfying.

Situational Picks

Kryptonian Skin

Kryptonian skin gives you an all-around 6% damage reduction. Jake is a bruiser and often plays a tank role in 2v2s, so it's good to have this armor buff for your team. When I use Kryptonian Skin, usually, it'll be Lumpy Space Punch, Percussive Punch Power, and Kryptonian Skin. Along with Sticky, of course. This is an excellent go-to perk when you are playing a tank for your team or playing 1v1. That extra 6% damage reduction will make the difference for you in a close match.

Snowball effect

The Snowball effect is a tremendous anti-tank perk. If you're having issues with a superman in 1v1, for example, the snowball effect will help you rack up fast, crazy damage on him to the point where you can eventually launch him off the map.

It's a good perk all around and makes a noticeable difference in almost every match, helping your team to both snowball considerable damage on enemies and come back from behind, as well, when you need to.

Strange mentions

Second wind beneath your wings

Many other blogs say that you should use second wind beneath your wings, a perk that allows you to get another special attack when you have ringed someone out in that aerial, giving you three total in that air.

Not sure why every blog is regurgitating this same take, probably because they are all regurgitating the same take... I mean, go look at all the other blogs you find about Jake's best perks in MultiVersus.

Anyway, that perk makes no sense to us for Jake. On someone where you are putting yourself at risk to finish people and wasting a lot of your specials (like superman), this makes sense. We don't see a viable playstyle with Jake where you are putting yourself at risk that much. The riskiest thing you'll likely do is get very close to the top border using your up special attack, which doesn't make sense with this perk.

If you feel we're wrong about that, please let us know why!!


Jake the Dog is a stretchy, good boy who throws heavy hits and has a lot of range over the average bruiser. His down special makes it easy to come down hard on people like batman, who are always trying to knock you vertically, even though Batman can break it with a well-timed uppercut!! He's well-rounded and rewarding to play a lot of as you get better and better. Stretching that butt into someone and then comboing them out of the top of the map is a pleasure, the likes of which I rarely feel in games these days.

Think we're wrong about any of these perks? Let us know. You can hop in our discord anytime and talk as much trash about our takes as you want!

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MultiVersus Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Looking for the best character to put your time and effort into? Our MultiVersus tier list will give you our recommendation on that. We rank every character in MultiVersus from S through to D (best to worst). This may change over time, but for the time being, this is how we feel!

We're not pro gamers, we're casual gamers who have been playing this game like it is going out of style! You may disagree; you may even be right. This is just our opinion.

MultiVersus tier list

Below, you can find our rankings of all the MultiVersus current 16-character roster, ranked from best to worst, S to D.

S tier

  • Taz
  • Jake the Dog
  • Shaggy
  • Iron Giant

MultiVersus Tier List - A Tier

  • Tom & Jerry
  • Velma
  • Arya
  • Garnet
  • Superman

B Tier

  • Finn the Human
  • Batman
  • Harley Quinn

MultiVersus Tier List - C Tier

  • Steven Universe
  • Reindog

D Tier

  • Wonder Woman
  • Bugs

Let us know on Discord how you feel about our rankings. It hasn't been long, but this is the way we break down the different characters here. Written and agreed upon by a Jake the Dog main and a Taz main, so take it with a grain of salt and a beatdown!!!

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Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers

Microsoft has just acquired Bethesda Studios for 7.5 billion dollars

What does this mean, are PlayStation Gamers? They probably won't be able to play the newest installment of Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls 6. But for those who were planning on playing the new Elder Scrolls game on their PC, it will probably have very little effect. If you have been playing PC and you have the Xbox app downloaded, you'll probably have realized by now that you can do many of the things you can do with an Xbox on your PC. For PC players, this is great. The new Halo game will most likely be following suit of Gears of War and dropping on PC at the same time it drops on the Xbox. We can now probably expect the same thing for Elder Scroll 6. It will be on PC, maybe even streaming from Xbox, with no download required when it comes out. However, we do not confirm that it's just speculation. We will continue to follow this story as it develops and what it means for gamers on Playstation, Switch, PC, and Xbox. Please keep it locked to Sweatpants Gaming. Talk to you soon.
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Among Us Discord Channel Created! - Join Up Today
Sweatpants gaming is adding a Discord channel among us. Join other players to play Among Us and find friends playing Among Us by joining our Discord Channel today. We are happy to have you and are looking to have some exciting games of Among Us with people looking to join a community.  If you play a game that we don't have a community for yet and our Discord, please get in touch with us and let us know. We would be happy to know this and would probably be happy to add a channel for the game you and your friends enjoy if you are looking to join up with sweatpants gaming.  Among Us is a new Survival game inspired by popular card games where you have to find out who the imposters are without letting them murder everyone. It's pretty exciting and a game we love so far.  Join a community among us today and play with sweatpants gaming.
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