Another New Weapon Update 2.4.2 Fortnite: The Crossbow

Posted by Kevin

The Crossbow

Back here to talk about another update (2.4.2) from Fortnite. Last time it was the minigun which has proven to be a force out on the battlefield. That beast shreds through enemies forts with ease and you don't have to reload, so the destruction just keeps coming. Now, this time around they've introduced the crossbow. They definitely have different objectives, but both are definitely good additions to the battlefield.


The crossbow is interesting because it uses unlimited arrows. Yup, you read that right. No more having to worry about ammo if you master this bad boy. There is a bit of an arc on your shots, so be aware of that when you're launching these into that shakey fort your opponents built over at retail row. On the positive side of things, it's great for creeping up on players. There's no gunshot to be heard, so fire away without giving up your position. It's definitely fun, and anyone who likes to be stealthy will surely add it to their arsenal. Be on the lookout for those arrows, out there.


The crossbows can seemingly found everywhere, but they definitely are found as ground loot commonly, as well as Rare and Epic versions as well.

If you're interested check the full patch notes you can take a look here.

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