Pokemon GO Raiding Community by Sweatpants Gaming

Pokemon GO Raiding Community by Sweatpants Gaming

We’ve been sucked back into the black hole of fitness that is Pokemon GO. The game has nowhere near the original player base, but the hardcore pokemon trainers and level 30+ players are still here. You would be surprised how active the Pokemon GO community still is.

So we thought it would be a great time to kick some of the excitement back up with a brand new Discord channel in our server dedicated to Pokemon GO multiplayer Raiding, which has become difficult with the drop in global players, especially when you’re from a place without a ton of raids to do in the first place. Luckily, most of our team resides in New York City, where the Pokemon GO raids are plentiful!

Pokemon GO raid discord server and community for local players

We want Pokemon GO players from all over the world to be able to take advantage of the new multiplayer matchmaking for Pokemon go raids. We think it’s a great opportunity to start a new community since we’ve recently got back into playing ourselves.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Pokemon go rating Community with a bunch of other casual players and 30-plus Pokemon trainers who can contribute to Five Star raids like Heatran another new raid bosses, we would be happy to have you as part of our Pokemon go Gaming Community.  Get in touch with us via the direct Discord link or fill out a form on the side and we will review your eligibility and get right back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for gaming with us!

thank you to all the players in our community who have made playing games like Super Smash Brothers such a fun time in the past. We are getting back into the spirit of community gaming with this new Pokemon go community and I really hope that everybody finds a chance to catch those legendary Pokemon from the raids that can be hard as a solo Trainor.

We will see you out there!

How long do you have to watch VALORANT streams to get a beta access key?

How long do you have to watch VALORANT streams to get a beta access key?

So Valorant is here… kind of. Its basically Counterstrike with powers from what we can tell from watching hours and hours of streams, which is what you need to do to unlock the game for yourself apparently.

We’re still over here waiting for that magic moment where Twitch blesses us with a beta access key for Valorant.

How long do you have to watch Valorant on Twitch before you can play the game yourself?

Nobody really knows and there isn’t a good way to figure it out other than watching stream chats and people who are getting them and giving little tidbits.

Officially, once you watch a stream for 2 hours you are eligible to get drops, but when you watch more, it “slightly” increases your odds.

This comes from one of TimTheTatman’s party mates saying this, so other than that we can’t vouch for its true-ness.

For a clue of what other players are saying:

I’ve seen 5 days, 12 hours, and 90 hours from various players.

Recommendations to make sure you are ready to receive your key:

  • Make sure your Twitch and Riot Games accounts are linked
  • Make sure your Riot Games account is set to the correct part of the world (i.e. Northeast USA)
  • Watch a stream of Valorant WITH DROPS ENABLED
    • Streamers usually have that right in the descriptions of their stream, but make sure you see the little message under their title which says Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot. You can only earn loot on one stream at a time. Learn more

Anyway, hopefully we get access to this game soon so we can bless you guys with that spicy content you know and love. We have alot planned coming up with this game and are going to be happy to get into something from the start and stick with it.

See you guys soon!


Blizzard opted out of letting creators own the rights to their creations in WCIII: Reforged

In the midst of all the crying and complaining about Warcraft III: Reforged from the community, much of which I think is over-the-top, one thing stuck out to me regarding Blizzard’s choices in editing their terms to make sure they don’t repeat the “mistakes” of the past.

It’s come to my knowledge that the terms and conditions of Warcraft III: Reforged (which obviously I didn’t read) make sure that they own all of the maps created by the community in custom games. If you’re familiar with the story of DOTA and the MOBA genre in general, you’ll know that it was spawned as a custom Warcraft III game that blew up into an entire e-sport and new genre the likes of which millions of people have taken part in. Not just DOTA 2, which most closely resembles the archetypes of the hero set forth in WCIII, but other contenders like League of Legends, SMITE, and many, many more.

It seems like not only have they released what the community deems to be a lackluster game, which puts it nicely compared to what you might read in the WCIII subreddit, but they’re also discouraging their once beautiful community from innovating and creating new games with their platform.

It’s not even just MOBAs, either. Some would say that the entire Tower Defense genre was also created by someone in the WCIII community.

Would anyone from Blizzard ever come up with these ideas if they didn’t come from creators in their community? It’s safe to say they come up with the bare minimum once games are launched, judging by the complaints and frequency of patches since the launch of Reforged. So that’d be a no.

Creators beware… the once empowering creators of WCIII and many other classics, who enabled new creators and aspiring designers to follow their hearts and create, now own every damn thing you make within their map editor.

Are they really hurting that badly from the fact that DOTA was the one that got away? Considering it might exist in the first place today if not for their creators, an argument could be made that they haven’t missed anything. But then again, I’m sure they have plenty of well-crafted PR statements arguing why this was in the best interest of not only themselves but the community at large. I wouldn’t know… 

Not cool Blizzard,… not cool.

NBA 2k20 Error Code 512f0500 Disconnect from Server Glitch Updates

NBA 2k20 Error Code 512f0500 Disconnect from Server Glitch Updates

NBA 2k20 servers are down… again

Unfortunately, it looks like the NBA2K20 servers are down yet again ( at least to some extent) and the problem is stopping players from getting so much as a regular-season game in and they’re my players, The glitch says you have disconnected at the end of a game, making you return to the main menu and restart the game completely! When is 2K Games going to fix this issue with their server, nobody really knows. We were promised some kind of patch, but it is yet to have been seen.

the error looks like this:

There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit http://www.nba2k.com/status for up to date information.
Error code 512f0500

Be wary about getting a lot of games in. I personally was just playing a regular summer league my player game and once I got to the end of it, it said I lost my connection to the servers and I was forced to restart the game from the beginning. Not to mention I had racked up about a thousand VC throughout the course of the game that I lost. Not cool!

Just wanted to give a quick warning to our followers to make sure that you guys aren’t going too hard and losing a bunch of progress that you worked hard to attain. They make this VC so valuable, and yet we’re losing it with something as silly as a disconnection from the server. Not acceptable!

Here is what some of our homies, The Velour Brothers, had to say:

2k VC disconnect glitch updates

We will keep you up-to-date on a 2K Games patch to fix the glitch going on with disconnections at the end of games. Our friends over at velour Brothers have told us that they’re having issues with collecting they’re VC out on the blacktop in myPark as well.

The 2k content community has come up with a few ideas on how to fix the 2k servers disconnection glitch, but so far nothing has worked!

We will keep you guys up to date and let you know exactly when you can get back on and collect your VC uninterrupted.

Bottom Line

Do not play a ton of myplayer games if you are not willing to repeat them! This has happened to us approx. 50% of the time and we are pretty frustrated with this issue.

We will continue to make updates to this post as time goes on.

How to skip the NBA Combine and pre-draft storyline in NBA 2k20

How to skip the NBA Combine and pre-draft storyline in NBA 2k20

How to skip the NBA Combine in NBA 2k 20

here we are with our first official piece of NBA 2K 20 content for you guys. Hope you’re out there gaming and enjoying the game so far. Despite the number of glitches that are going on with it preventing people from getting their rankings and things like that, the game overall seems pretty great. In this quick tutorial, we’re going to show you how to skip the NBA 2K 20 combine process and the cinematics that goes along with it.

Let’s just start off by saying the Cinematic quality in this game is actually much improved from the last game.  the entire pre-combine, combine, and NBA draft in 2K 20 will take you roughly 3 hours. If you don’t mind not jumping right into the game, it’s actually a very enjoyable experience with some good voice-acting, mocap acting, actors, and good content. Rosario Dawson and Idrias Elbas make appearances as characters at the beginning of the cinematics and their performances are great, especially for a video game and considering the storyline of NBA 2k19 left something to be desired.

But if you’d still rather skip it, we feel you…

How to skip the NBA combine process in NBA 2k20

To skip the NBA combine and storyline before getting drafted in NBA 2k20, start it up, make your character, get into gameplay, and then quit. From there, make a new character and you won’t have to go through it all. The game will think you’re starting up a 2nd character after having already gone through it all and they won’t make you do it “again.”

And there you have it! That’s all you have to do to skip the NBA Combine in NBA 2k 20. We hope you enjoy getting right into the action even though you’re missing some great content!

We’re still trying to figure out if there’s a way to change your name in MyPlayer from “Che,” but we’ll have to get back to you on that!

Until next time, 

Stay comfy, 

And stay right here on Sweatpants Gaming.