OKAAAAAY Borderlands!!!! 

The borderlands3 official trailer just dropped and holy hell does it look sick. The wait might actually be worth it in this case… unlike the wait for COUGH COUGH Kingdom Hearts 3 COUGH.

Vehicles, badass character designs as the new 4 and just some all around amazing gameplay like vehicle battles showcased. 

Not just that,,, but for the first time, it looks like there are some really different looking environments going into this. As you can see in the video, it looks like there is some kind of new futuristic city to explore as well as some gladiator like areas and more…. wow.

Looks like the game is a bit more narrative-driven than ever before then. Just from the screenshots it looks like there is some really high-quality cinematics going on. 

And did we mention…. 1 BILLION guns?!

Cannot wait to get our hands on this. 

2k !!! His us up with that exclusive preview !!!!!