Gardevoir Release date announced

Gardevoir Release date announced

Good news to psychic-type fans out there!

A fan-favorite, Gardevoir, is dropping tomorrow, 7/28/2021, for pokemon Unite.

Who is Gardevoir?

Gardevoir is a fan-favorite psychic-fairy type pokemon who (in the main series of games). It is probably safe to assume this pokemon will have special attack-based moves in Pokemon Unite. Most “mage” type pokemon seem to point in that direction (Pikachu, Eldegoss, Gengar, etc.)

Gardevoir move set Pokemon Unite

Move One


Attacks with a straight blast in a designated direction

Cooldown – 4.5 seconds


After you hit an opponent or when the move has traveled its max distance, it creates a circle, dealing damage to enemies in the area – decreasing the movement speed of enemy pokemon for a short time.

Cooldown – 7 seconds


The user attacks while moving backward, creating distance. This doubles as an escape/position adjustment tool. When it hits, this move deals damage to enemy pokemon in a cone shape, leaving pokemon closest to the user stunned for a short period of time.

Cooldown – 6 Seconds

Move Two


The user warps to a designated area. Once they get there, the damage is increased for the first basic attack.

Cooldown – 11 seconds


An attack that strikes three times in front of the user in an AOE style. This attack can land on multiple enemies at once.

Cooldown – 11 seconds

Future Sight

A delayed explosion occurs. When this hits enemy pokemon, it shortens the cooldown of the attack.

This sounds like it might end up being something like Gengar’s “Hex” attack that can have a one-second cooldown if hitting enemies inflicted with his status effect. It could mean a potentially devastating attack in team fights for Gardevoir.

Cooldown – 10 seconds

Unite Move

Fairy Singularity

Gardevoir’s unite move. This “warps space” in a designated area, bringing enemies closer to the center of the blast. Once the warp space disappears, pokemon is knocked back and dealt damage.

This sounds like another CC attack team fight beast of a move. We’re excited to see the impact this has on the game as it moves forward.


Seems like Gardevoir is going to play as an absolute CC beast. The downfall of the champion (balance) is the long cooldowns for her attacks. No telling how strong her base attacks will be, but it seems like Gardevoir is a new, different type of pokemon that we expect to play just as well as all the others.

More pokemon releases for pokemon unite coming soon!

This is the first of the three that were meant to be included in the game in the first place but didn’t make it in at launch – Gardevoir, Blastoise, and Chancey.

According to data mines, we have Eevee on the way also who will transform into only Sylveon (at the time of this writing).

Are you excited to play Gardevoir?

She’s a favorite of ours here!

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Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers


Microsoft has just acquired Bethesda Studios for 7.5 billion dollars

What does this mean are PlayStation Gamers? Probably that they won’t be able to play the newest installment of Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls 6. But for those who were planning on playing the new Elder Scrolls game on their PC, it will probably have very little effect.

If you have been playing PC and you have the Xbox app downloaded, you’ll probably have realized by now that you can do many of the things you can do with an Xbox right on your PC. For PC players this is great. The new Halo game will most likely be following suit of Gears of War and be dropping on PC at the same time that it drops on the Xbox. We can now probably expect the same thing for Elder Scroll 6. It will be on PC maybe even streaming from Xbox with no download required when it comes out. However, we do not have confirmation of that that it’s just speculation.

We will be continuing to follow this story as it develops and what it means for gamers on Playstation as well as Switch, PC, and Xbox. Please keep it locked to Sweatpants Gaming. Talk to you soon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Combat Tips

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Combat Tips

Square Enix outdid themselves with their remake of FFVII, albeit more of a reimagining than a straight up recreation. The combat system is a major part of the game that has also been reimagined. If you’re unfamiliar with Square’s more recent FF entries, this real-time action combat system might be a bit difficult to come to grips with. Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Upgrade Your Weapons Thoughtfully

The weapon upgrading system in this game is basically how you can give assign a character with a particular class or job in combat.

The flexibility of this system is fantastic if you use it wisely. For example, if you want Barret to be your tank, dump his SP into Physical Defense and Magic Defense before anything else. Then dump the leftover to buff his attack, or MP so he can use Barrier or Manaward to make himself even tankier.

Note that no weapons in this game seem to be any better or worse than others. When a character earns SP, all of their weapons will gain the same amount, regardless of what weapon is equipped. This makes any weapon a viable option throughout the entire game. Though, some weapons will naturally be better for certain roles in the party.

And don’t worry about if you don’t like how a weapon came out. You can always visit Chadley to reset the weapon, getting all your hard-earned SP refunded.

Materia, Materia, Materia

The materia system of the original FFVII is one of the few parts of the new combat system that has remained relatively unchanged. If you slot a character’s weapon or armor with a Fire materia, that character will be able to use the Fire spell, and if they continue to use that materia, they will level it up, and eventually gain access to Fira and Firaga.

This is another system you have to approach thoughtfully. If the character you’re focusing on is playing the role of a black mage, equip them with the elemental materia, and equip another character with materia that will enhance their physical attack prowess (like Steadfast Block and Deadly Dodge), or materia that they can use to support your other party members (like Barrier and Item Master).

There are a huge amount of options to play with here, and some combinations will be more effective in certain battles. Be sure to re-slot materia frequently, to find arrangements that compliment your play style.

And don’t forget about Chadley’s Battle Intel Quests. Completing these can net you some of the most useful materia in the game.


Blocking is extremely useful in this game. It is important to block incoming attacks.

Before an enemy uses a particularly dangerous attack, the name of that spell or ability will appear a

Don’t Forget to Switch Party Members

Now that we have a role for each team member, and finally got out of all those menu screens, we can get to the combat.

In the beginning of the game, I was doing fine with the combat. I had one character to control, and a couple bad guys to cut up with my Buster Sword. Easy.

But as I progressed in the game, I quickly got control of other party members, and I found myself having to battle multiple enemies, while I was controlling multiple characters.It was overwhelming to me at first, because I was still controlling Cloud nearly all the time, and hoping that my other party members would do their part. They didn’t.

If you upgrade your weapons and slot your materia thoughtfully, each character will have an easier time dealing with certain enemy types. For example, if you’re battling against a bunch of robots, using Cloud and mashing the attack button won’t get you too far. Instead, try switching to your mage and blasting that enemy with some Thunder. Once their staggered, switch back to Cloud, go into Punisher Mode and go to town.

Fill Those ATB Gauges

The ATB gauge is another system that returns from the original FFVII. You have to wait for this gauge to fill up before you can use any abilities, spells, items or summons.

Knowing how to fill your ATB gauges quickly, can be the difference between success and failure in this game.

The flexibility of the weapon and materia systems gives you a lot of different ways to do this.

One option I find useful is to equip your support character with a First Strike materia as well as a Time materia. First Strike will give that character an increase in their ATB gauge at the start of battle. I then use that initial ATB bar to cast Haste on another party member, drastically increasing their ATB fill rate. If that character’s weapon is upgraded with Buff Duration boosts, that’ll just make their ATB fill up faster for longer.

Switching control to a particular party member will aslo raise their ATB gauge far more quickly than a non-player-controlled character. This can be useful if you want to have a certain ability or spell ready for when the enemy is staggered or under pressure.

Access Materia/ Pressuring and Staggering

Another important part of combat is staggering enemies. This will put the enemy into an extremely vulnerable state, allowing your party to deal massive damage.

It’s important to have one of your party member equipped with Access materia. This can be used to scan enemies, revealing a lot of useful information like the enemy’s weaknesses, resistances, as well as an explanation of how to put them under pressure and eventually stagger them.

Once your enemy is staggered, your party will deal 160% damage. This is only the starting point and can be increased upon. When the enemy is staggered, if you switch to Tifa, she can increase the damage percentage by using Whirling Uppercut, Omnistrike, and Rise and Fall. To do this most effectively, use her Unbridled Strength ability a couple times to max out her chi before staggering the enemy.

Tifa’s weapon ability, True Strike, as well as Aerith’s Ray of Judgment are also valid options to raise the damage percentage of staggered enemies.

NBA 2k20 Error Code 512f0500 Disconnect from Server Glitch Updates

NBA 2k20 Error Code 512f0500 Disconnect from Server Glitch Updates

NBA 2k20 servers are down… again

Unfortunately, it looks like the NBA2K20 servers are down yet again ( at least to some extent) and the problem is stopping players from getting so much as a regular-season game in and they’re my players, The glitch says you have disconnected at the end of a game, making you return to the main menu and restart the game completely! When is 2K Games going to fix this issue with their server, nobody really knows. We were promised some kind of patch, but it is yet to have been seen.

the error looks like this:

There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit for up to date information.
Error code 512f0500

Be wary about getting a lot of games in. I personally was just playing a regular summer league my player game and once I got to the end of it, it said I lost my connection to the servers and I was forced to restart the game from the beginning. Not to mention I had racked up about a thousand VC throughout the course of the game that I lost. Not cool!

Just wanted to give a quick warning to our followers to make sure that you guys aren’t going too hard and losing a bunch of progress that you worked hard to attain. They make this VC so valuable, and yet we’re losing it with something as silly as a disconnection from the server. Not acceptable!

Here is what some of our homies, The Velour Brothers, had to say:

2k VC disconnect glitch updates

We will keep you up-to-date on a 2K Games patch to fix the glitch going on with disconnections at the end of games. Our friends over at velour Brothers have told us that they’re having issues with collecting they’re VC out on the blacktop in myPark as well.

The 2k content community has come up with a few ideas on how to fix the 2k servers disconnection glitch, but so far nothing has worked!

We will keep you guys up to date and let you know exactly when you can get back on and collect your VC uninterrupted.

Bottom Line

Do not play a ton of myplayer games if you are not willing to repeat them! This has happened to us approx. 50% of the time and we are pretty frustrated with this issue.

We will continue to make updates to this post as time goes on.

How to skip the NBA Combine and pre-draft storyline in NBA 2k20

How to skip the NBA Combine and pre-draft storyline in NBA 2k20

How to skip the NBA Combine in NBA 2k 20

here we are with our first official piece of NBA 2K 20 content for you guys. Hope you’re out there gaming and enjoying the game so far. Despite the number of glitches that are going on with it preventing people from getting their rankings and things like that, the game overall seems pretty great. In this quick tutorial, we’re going to show you how to skip the NBA 2K 20 combine process and the cinematics that goes along with it.

Let’s just start off by saying the Cinematic quality in this game is actually much improved from the last game.  the entire pre-combine, combine, and NBA draft in 2K 20 will take you roughly 3 hours. If you don’t mind not jumping right into the game, it’s actually a very enjoyable experience with some good voice-acting, mocap acting, actors, and good content. Rosario Dawson and Idrias Elbas make appearances as characters at the beginning of the cinematics and their performances are great, especially for a video game and considering the storyline of NBA 2k19 left something to be desired.

But if you’d still rather skip it, we feel you…

How to skip the NBA combine process in NBA 2k20

To skip the NBA combine and storyline before getting drafted in NBA 2k20, start it up, make your character, get into gameplay, and then quit. From there, make a new character and you won’t have to go through it all. The game will think you’re starting up a 2nd character after having already gone through it all and they won’t make you do it “again.”

And there you have it! That’s all you have to do to skip the NBA Combine in NBA 2k 20. We hope you enjoy getting right into the action even though you’re missing some great content!

We’re still trying to figure out if there’s a way to change your name in MyPlayer from “Che,” but we’ll have to get back to you on that!

Until next time, 

Stay comfy, 

And stay right here on Sweatpants Gaming.

Is APEX Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is APEX Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

In typical Battle Royale fashion, APEX Legends might be the latest installment to come to the Nintendo Switch post-launch. With a tweet earlier today by GameSpot, it seems likely we will see it for Switch in the near future.


Here’s everything we know about the upcoming release of APEX for Switch (Not much, at the moment.)

When is APEX Legends coming to Switch?

There has been nothing said yet by Respawn other than the image of Wraith in what looks like the dumbed-down graphic style of switch – similar to what you see in the Switch version of Fortnite.

Is APEX going Cross-Platform?

There have been rumblings going on about APEX Legends going cross platform. It has seemingly also been confirmed by Respawn, who says they were at the very least entertaining the idea of the game going cross platform.

As usual, the hurdle is going to be the consoles more than anything else. Maybe this will be when Sony finally comes around to the idea of cross-platform play, but that seems somewhat unlikely.

It hasn’t been long since Sony famously rejected cross-platform play for Fortnite, but you never know. Maybe they’ve had a change of heart!

The release of APEX for Switch will be as good a time as ever for the Battle Royale newcomer to go cross-platform.

Keep it locked right here to [SweatpantsGaming] for the latest news on APEX Legends.