Gardevoir Release date announced

Gardevoir Release date announced

Good news to psychic-type fans out there!

A fan-favorite, Gardevoir, is dropping tomorrow, 7/28/2021, for pokemon Unite.

Who is Gardevoir?

Gardevoir is a fan-favorite psychic-fairy type pokemon who (in the main series of games). It is probably safe to assume this pokemon will have special attack-based moves in Pokemon Unite. Most “mage” type pokemon seem to point in that direction (Pikachu, Eldegoss, Gengar, etc.)

Gardevoir move set Pokemon Unite

Move One


Attacks with a straight blast in a designated direction

Cooldown – 4.5 seconds


After you hit an opponent or when the move has traveled its max distance, it creates a circle, dealing damage to enemies in the area – decreasing the movement speed of enemy pokemon for a short time.

Cooldown – 7 seconds


The user attacks while moving backward, creating distance. This doubles as an escape/position adjustment tool. When it hits, this move deals damage to enemy pokemon in a cone shape, leaving pokemon closest to the user stunned for a short period of time.

Cooldown – 6 Seconds

Move Two


The user warps to a designated area. Once they get there, the damage is increased for the first basic attack.

Cooldown – 11 seconds


An attack that strikes three times in front of the user in an AOE style. This attack can land on multiple enemies at once.

Cooldown – 11 seconds

Future Sight

A delayed explosion occurs. When this hits enemy pokemon, it shortens the cooldown of the attack.

This sounds like it might end up being something like Gengar’s “Hex” attack that can have a one-second cooldown if hitting enemies inflicted with his status effect. It could mean a potentially devastating attack in team fights for Gardevoir.

Cooldown – 10 seconds

Unite Move

Fairy Singularity

Gardevoir’s unite move. This “warps space” in a designated area, bringing enemies closer to the center of the blast. Once the warp space disappears, pokemon is knocked back and dealt damage.

This sounds like another CC attack team fight beast of a move. We’re excited to see the impact this has on the game as it moves forward.


Seems like Gardevoir is going to play as an absolute CC beast. The downfall of the champion (balance) is the long cooldowns for her attacks. No telling how strong her base attacks will be, but it seems like Gardevoir is a new, different type of pokemon that we expect to play just as well as all the others.

More pokemon releases for pokemon unite coming soon!

This is the first of the three that were meant to be included in the game in the first place but didn’t make it in at launch – Gardevoir, Blastoise, and Chancey.

According to data mines, we have Eevee on the way also who will transform into only Sylveon (at the time of this writing).

Are you excited to play Gardevoir?

She’s a favorite of ours here!

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Is APEX Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is APEX Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

In typical Battle Royale fashion, APEX Legends might be the latest installment to come to the Nintendo Switch post-launch. With a tweet earlier today by GameSpot, it seems likely we will see it for Switch in the near future.


Here’s everything we know about the upcoming release of APEX for Switch (Not much, at the moment.)

When is APEX Legends coming to Switch?

There has been nothing said yet by Respawn other than the image of Wraith in what looks like the dumbed-down graphic style of switch – similar to what you see in the Switch version of Fortnite.

Is APEX going Cross-Platform?

There have been rumblings going on about APEX Legends going cross platform. It has seemingly also been confirmed by Respawn, who says they were at the very least entertaining the idea of the game going cross platform.

As usual, the hurdle is going to be the consoles more than anything else. Maybe this will be when Sony finally comes around to the idea of cross-platform play, but that seems somewhat unlikely.

It hasn’t been long since Sony famously rejected cross-platform play for Fortnite, but you never know. Maybe they’ve had a change of heart!

The release of APEX for Switch will be as good a time as ever for the Battle Royale newcomer to go cross-platform.

Keep it locked right here to [SweatpantsGaming] for the latest news on APEX Legends.


Playing Zelda: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

Playing Zelda: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

There are many good fighters to choose from but one that I always find myself going back to in Ultimate is Zelda. Why? I’m not quite sure why. I’ve never had any desire to play her in the previous games, nor am I a huge fan of Zelda in general (other than the breath of the wild) but that’s totally beside the point. If I had to say one reason it’s because of her potential. Let’s just start with nearly every special move she has can kill. There’s a good reason for this, they’re all skill shots to some degree and can be difficult to pull out in the middle of a crazy fight. In my opinion, she is a high skill, high reward type of fighter. I think she’s worth the time to master.


Zelda is a nice combination of being quick, strong, and has range. She can tend to seem a little light, but she’s not as light as the lightest class of fighters, so she’ll typically hang around well into the 100 %s. Her quick dash attack works very well and I’m a fan of her movement. Also, the teleport is amazing in terms of screwing with opponents by bouncing around so quick your opponent won’t know what to do with themselves. She can recover really well too, so movement and recovery are hugely good in my opinion.



Attacks and Specials

With Zelda you definitely want to keep some range in between you and your opponent. Most of her specials (B moves) are ranged other than her down B which is nice to have since it reflects, and also can be used to gain some distance if your opponent is right on top of you. Keep that in your bag until you need it.

I tend to typically play her similar to Samus. Control a zone and don’t let anyone in, and if they get in chances are I’m trying to inflict some damage and then running and holding onto another zone.  Maybe you all play her differently, but that’s what works for me. Don’t get me wrong she’s more than capable of melee fighting I just think her range is what makes her so appealing. Not only does she have a lot of range, but all of her ranged moves can be a kill shot.

Neutral Special (B)

This is the reflect I mentioned before. It can be deadly if reflecting projectiles, but also to give yourself some space. I probably don’t use it as much as I should. It’s definitely effective in a lot of situations. Sometimes one of my issues with Zelda is that I can’t keep people away at times and this is the best to do so with her so you can get back to her projectiles.

Side Special (Right or left + B)

For Zelda, she has a really good projectile. It’s easily my favorite projectile in the smash universe. It’s hard to see, quick, and explosive. I’ve ended so many matches with it it’s honestly comical at this point. I love when my opponent thinks they have the upperhand only to be blasted off the map by her fire ball. I’m honestly not sure whe the mice stems from, so maybe someone could help me out there. All I do know is how devastating it could be on the battlefield.

Up Special (Up + B)

This is honestly probably about 50% of the reason I use her at this point. Her up B is her teleport. Now when i first used her i honestly thought it was more like Mewtwo’s teleport; which is great for mobility, but doesn’t do any damage. I can’t tell you how wrong I was because this thing is deadly.

Once you really master the distance and timing it can become a royal pain in the ass to defend against. How do you defend when you can’t see it coming? Some opponents can sense it and hold block,  but if you’re any decent that turns into an instant grab or a smash attack. My advice objective with it so much until it really is second nature. It’s extremely useful and so satisfying when your opponent thinks the coast is clear only to be blasted off the stage. 

Down Special (Down + B)

One of more unique moves in the game, in my opinion. If you hold it for its full charge it can be a deadly finisher, but if you release earlier the knight won’t be fully built and will attack with a quicker move such as a kick rather than a sweeping sword attack. Eeither way it’s cool and useful. I use it to keep my zone clear often because many people don’t want to charge in when they see the knight. I don’t blame them.

Knights armor


Strengths and Weaknesses

She is the skillshot queen. She’s tough, crafty, and is highly underrated. I usually give myself a challenge character to get good with and this year it’s her no doubt. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know her and will continue to get better with her. At the time of writing this she is my current highest GSP character.

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Richter 0 Percent Kill Combo

Richter 0 Percent Kill Combo

You may have seen or read about the 0 percent Richter kill combo online as we did,  and we were curious to see how it all went down. So,  on the surface it seems to good to be true, I mean imagine starting the fight and within a few moments your opponent blasts you off the map after a very quick combo which KOs anyone at 0 percent. You’d be left saying “but, but, but… I had 0%,” I don’t know about you,  but I’d be pretty pissed so I wanted to see just what it really takes to pull this combo off.

On the surface it doesn’t seem like much,  but it’s all about the timing. The way you do it is jump, use holy water on your opponent, jump again and throw your cross, use the down kick, have them be hit by the cross, down kick again and then uppercut them to send them to their death. The hard part is obviously landing each one and also the timing with the axe. If all doesn’t go exactly as planned you may still have a decent combo but not the auto kill like intended. The crazy thing is it’s really quick you can see it here in Zeros video who is probably the most recognizable player on the smash scene. He does it in practice mode and it’s not the easiest you’ll notice him miss it once or twice before actually completing it. Definitely seems like it would be tough to land mid-fight, so proceed with caution if you’re planning jumping to it and trying this online it against friends.

After doing our research we’re pretty surprised this combo is that strong,  but also glad it’s really hard to pull off. Also even though I’ve seen Richter be very high on some tier lists I personally haven’t seen much of him online. I’m really happy this doesn’t seem like some game-breaking type of thing. In my opinion, if you can pull it off more power to you. I think he had a lot to offer with his moveset and is a good addition to the smash bros universe.

If you think you can pull this off let us know at @gaminginsweats on Twitter.





Playing Lucas: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

Playing Lucas: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

With so many characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there are some that get overlooked, unfortunately. One that should definitely not be overlooked is Lucas. We were super excited to hear that Lucas would be back in this latest entry of Super Smash Bros.

The good news is not only is he back, but he’s even better than he was in his last appearance. There are some slight changes from his past version such as his PK fire being more explosive which in our opinion is a good thing. At times, I do miss the Nes-like PK fire at times which sort of traps you for a few seconds, but on the whole I rather the extra explosion and launch power. It comes in handy, especially on the flat boards.

This guide is based on personal experience, so if there are some strategies that go against the current “meta” forgive me, but do let me know what I could change. It’s based solely on personal success. Now enough with my disclaimer lets get to the nitty-gritty.

Attacks and Specials

One thing that annoys me about some Lucas players is it seems like, at times, they rely on gimmicky tactics such as spamming the PK thunder, PF fire, or even just playing stay-away and absorbing any and every projectile while conserving damage until being forced to fight. All that is completely whack and gives Lucas unnecessary flack just because of individual’s stupid gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, those moves are all essential on their own, but nobody should be a one-trick pony.

Similarly to Samus, our preference is to play him as a bit of a zoner, but I’m definitely more aggressive hand-to-hand with Lucas than I am Samus. I think Lucas has a great skill set and his smash attacks are some of the best in the game in my opinion. They all have an aggressive launch rate, especially his Up Smash the move is amazing and will launch foes off at a high rate. It’s also great for people who use down A or down B dive attacks such as Yoshi, Bowser, or Ridley. They’ll think they have the advantage while flying down to deliver a blow, but jokes on them when you pop that up smash and send em flying off the screen. It has a large hitbox too with some good upward range.

Honestly, all of his smash attacks are very good but don’t sleep on his quick A attacks and dash A attacks. For a little kid, he packs a punch. Whether it be his magic or his fist he can do some good damage quick. He’s also on the lighter side, but nowhere near the lightest and in my experience usually doesn’t get launched until well over a 100% damage.

Neutral Special (B)

For Lucas, this is his PK Freeze. I’ll be honest I don’t use this too much only because I feel it leaves the user extremely vulnerable for something that has a low chance of actually hitting the mark. I do like to use it on the edges from time to time because it can be a pain to recover from. This is probably the one thing I wish they didn’t change from Nes’ moveset. I wish Lucas had the green explosion which is really powerful, but that’s up for debate. I’ve talked to many people who prefer the freeze. Just preference I guess.


Side Special (Right or left + B)

Ah, the fabled PK fire. We touched upon it earlier in the guide, but it is a very important move for all Lucas lovers. There’s honestly not a lot to it. It’s a horizontal projectile that will slightly burn, and launch your opponent away from you. It’s really good if you want to keep distance from your opponent. It’s essential for controlling players who overuse their dash. No joke I’ve played people that attempt to engage using the dash A literally every chance they get. I get it, it’s good, but if you’re going to do the same thing over and over next time you try against my Lucas expect a fireball to the face. The great thing is it isn’t blocked by many moves at all. Even someone like Meta Knight with a great dash move, it is easily beat with a little PF fire. It comes in handy.

Up Special (Up + B)

Lucas’ or Nes’ Up + B is probably the most unique Up +B’s there is in the game. Most characters have a second jump or something, but Lucas has PK Thunder. I think it’s the most versatile move in the game. You can direct it anywhere with really good range. Some people only use it for long range, but if you get comfortable enough you can make it into a super annoying short to mid-range move as well. Muscle memory comes into play when you do it enough, but my suggestion is practice with it as much as you can it can really be frustrating to deal with. Also, don’t be the guy that just spams it from the corner of the map. No one likes that guy.

Down Special (Down + B)

A good ole’ absorb. While it’s wildly unimpressive, it does serve a good role. If you’re good with it you can eat up projectiles while recovering your health along the way. I don’t see a ton of opportunity to throw it out often, but when you get a pesky ranged fighter it definitely comes in handy. The good thing is that it’s not a timing type of move you can hold it as long as you want. It’s definitely a situational type of move.

Strengths and Weaknesses

He’s well rounded for sure, but he definitely has the projectile edge in most fights if not all. Lucas quick and light with enough power to get people off the map. I think his recovery is extremely good too. It might seem daunting at first to get a hang of the Up + B, but once you get it it’ll be game-changing. That move can be difficult to pull off and leave you vulnerable. On some maps with holes or drops with walls on both sides, it can be impossible to pull off just an FYI. The nuances of this moves are worthy of your time.

Also, some dashers like Cloud or Inkling can be a royal pain but try to rely on the PK fire and a dash move of your own to keep them at bay.


  • Dash in and out of fighting for the most part, but be ready to let a projectile rip if need be.
  • Create some space and control your opponents from a distance until they charge.
  • Never forget about the Up smash attack when fighting from beneath.
  • Fend off dashers with PK Fire
  • Jab!
  • Use Up + B to get yourself some finals smashes

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Playing Samus: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

Playing Samus: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

 How to Play Samus in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings a huge library of fighters for you to choose from. One of the originals Samus is still a beast when used right. Some tier lists shy away from her on the top tiers, but honestly, I completely disagree. She is easily one of the more well-rounded fighters there is. She has a ton of range, while still being a great fighter up close.

This is a guide of how I play her, but feel free to leave comments if you think you have some other strategies with her. Samus is currently my highest Global Smash Power Rating or GSP, with Lucas being right behind her.

Attacks and Specials

Here’s the thing about Samus, distance is always preferred even though you can hand out your melee beatings just as well with her. I consider her more of a zoner than anything because if the opponent leaves me be, I can absolutely pick someone apart from distance, and if you charge me the strategy is to deliver a few blows then regroup elsewhere.

One nuance to Samus is always trying to have your shot charged. It can be tough sometimes because it does leave you vulnerable, so what I suggest is take advantage of K.O’s and other times when your opponent might not be directly on top of you. We’ll get into that later, but it’s a great weapon to have handy whenever you may need it. With that being said, if you are versing her be sure to be mindful if Samus has her shot locked and loaded or not. It could be the difference in the game. You never run out of power or anything like Inkling , so shoot as much as you please.

Neutral Special (B)

Like I stated earlier make sure the shot is charged whenever you possibly can. It is a great way to finish opponents not only from far away but even up close when they least expect it. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve launched with a shot from feet away. The shot is more about deception than anything. Lull your opponent to sleep, make them forget that you even have it charged and then boom, see you later!

The only thing to be careful with this is that some characters have reflects and/or absorb moves that can neutralize this big time. I’m not saying don’t use it, but you must use it wisely. A few notables are K. Rool, Mario, Zelda, and many others. I think of it as having an ace up your sleeve.

Side Special (Right or left + B)

Samus’ side special is really good IMO. Some people don’t care for it as much, but I think they can be so useful when trying to keep up the pressure on someone or trying to keep a distance.

There are two types of missiles that get shot randomly. One is a homing missile and the other is a more explosive straight missile. Both have their uses and Samus shoots them quickly, so it is nice to have in a lot of different situations. It’s even possible to launch people with the straight shot which is always a plus in my book if you can launch someone from a distance.

Up Special (Up + B)

Samus’ Up B is awesome quite frankly. It is a great recovery and has a lot of launch power by itself. It’s great to use if your opponent is flying downward because it can keep popping your opponent in the air for a punishing juggle. What is also cool is it’s super quick and fairly simple to hit.

Down Special (Down + B)

If anyone says this move is useless they’re simply not a Samus player. While this is one more that has no launch ability whatsoever it is one of the most important things you can master as a Samus player. Her Down B or “bloops” as I’ve heard them called before are essential to controlling your opponent. Got a pesky opponent who keeps spamming the dash attacks? Drop a little “bloop” for them and they’ll have to be more cautious the next time.

Also, cool sidenote which has been in the game since Melee I believe is they can be extremely useful in getting back on to the board. While in mid-air you can navigate through the air by hitting yourself with these “bloops” to get an extra boost to get back on the stage.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I think her greatest strength is just how well balanced she is. If she didn’t shoot anything I’d still use her and that’s what I hate about some of the backlash going on with her. Some will disregard her as someone who just shoots stuff, but she’s so much more than that. Her dash is great and her grab is one of the best because it has great range. Don’t miss or else you’re left vulnerable, but needless to say that with most moves in the game.

Another helpful hint is to use the hell out of Down + A. It’s super quick and has a launch power. It’s great when fighting up close. This can even start a combo if you’re quick about it because it will pop them in the air.

The only weaknesses she may have is the number of projectiles with no other smash specials. This can come back to bite you when you’re versing someone with a great dodge or reflect. While she’s good hand-to-hand, there are certainly better out there.


Pick a zone and hold it down. If they let you sit back torture their life with projectiles, but if they charge you be ready to lay the smack-down and then later regroup back to safety and recharge your shot. Once you charge up, poke the bear until they charge you and repeat the process until the percentage is high enough to launch them off.

Don’t forget your “bloops” aka Down+B, and use your grab as an offensive weapon to create space for yourself.

Good luck out on the battlefield! Hit us up on Twitter @gaminginsweats if you want to show off your new found skills.