Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers


Microsoft has just acquired Bethesda Studios for 7.5 billion dollars

What does this mean are PlayStation Gamers? Probably that they won’t be able to play the newest installment of Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls 6. But for those who were planning on playing the new Elder Scrolls game on their PC, it will probably have very little effect.

If you have been playing PC and you have the Xbox app downloaded, you’ll probably have realized by now that you can do many of the things you can do with an Xbox right on your PC. For PC players this is great. The new Halo game will most likely be following suit of Gears of War and be dropping on PC at the same time that it drops on the Xbox. We can now probably expect the same thing for Elder Scroll 6. It will be on PC maybe even streaming from Xbox with no download required when it comes out. However, we do not have confirmation of that that it’s just speculation.

We will be continuing to follow this story as it develops and what it means for gamers on Playstation as well as Switch, PC, and Xbox. Please keep it locked to Sweatpants Gaming. Talk to you soon.

NBA 2k20 Error Code 512f0500 Disconnect from Server Glitch Updates

NBA 2k20 Error Code 512f0500 Disconnect from Server Glitch Updates

NBA 2k20 servers are down… again

Unfortunately, it looks like the NBA2K20 servers are down yet again ( at least to some extent) and the problem is stopping players from getting so much as a regular-season game in and they’re my players, The glitch says you have disconnected at the end of a game, making you return to the main menu and restart the game completely! When is 2K Games going to fix this issue with their server, nobody really knows. We were promised some kind of patch, but it is yet to have been seen.

the error looks like this:

There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit for up to date information.
Error code 512f0500

Be wary about getting a lot of games in. I personally was just playing a regular summer league my player game and once I got to the end of it, it said I lost my connection to the servers and I was forced to restart the game from the beginning. Not to mention I had racked up about a thousand VC throughout the course of the game that I lost. Not cool!

Just wanted to give a quick warning to our followers to make sure that you guys aren’t going too hard and losing a bunch of progress that you worked hard to attain. They make this VC so valuable, and yet we’re losing it with something as silly as a disconnection from the server. Not acceptable!

Here is what some of our homies, The Velour Brothers, had to say:

2k VC disconnect glitch updates

We will keep you up-to-date on a 2K Games patch to fix the glitch going on with disconnections at the end of games. Our friends over at velour Brothers have told us that they’re having issues with collecting they’re VC out on the blacktop in myPark as well.

The 2k content community has come up with a few ideas on how to fix the 2k servers disconnection glitch, but so far nothing has worked!

We will keep you guys up to date and let you know exactly when you can get back on and collect your VC uninterrupted.

Bottom Line

Do not play a ton of myplayer games if you are not willing to repeat them! This has happened to us approx. 50% of the time and we are pretty frustrated with this issue.

We will continue to make updates to this post as time goes on.

What’s the Easiest Fortnite Mode to Win?

What’s the Easiest Fortnite Mode to Win?

So, for this we’ve decided to exclude all temporary game modes and just focus on the main 3 Fortnite Battle Royale types – Solos, Duos, and Squads. Be sure to check out the rest of our Fortnite related material here



fortnite winPros

No one’s safe. There is just something about knowing that no one is off limits and everyone is out to get you. This can lead to a more aggressive play style since you know that there won’t be any pesky teammates that will come out of nowhere and lobby you like the sweatpants-wearing fool you are. Now playing aggressively doesn’t necessarily mean less stealthy either. Solos have the most opportunity for stealth and it can be a nice change of pace considering that in squads or even duos there’s less hiding because you have teammates. Granted this can lead to some of the most frustrating deaths in Fortnite. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been wandering through a building nowhere near the action and been one-shot lobbied by someone who is just camping for no apparent reason. Don’t be that person. No one likes that person.



No one’s safe. See what I did there? Well, it’s true. When you’re playing squads or duos your area of coverage is a lot wider, so you can feel relatively safe even with people in view due to your teammates watching your back. The problem with solos is that if you see someone chances are they’ll be coming for you asap because they know you’re alone. Hearing those footsteps can be terrifying and you know your teammates won’t be around to save your ass. It can be rough out there all alone in the cold, dark land of Fortnite.



fortnite win

This is probably the best mode as far as communication goes. If you’ve ever been in a party like the sweatpants crew’s parties it can get confusing really quick. You can be listening to your teammates claim someone’s right in front of you, but yet, in reality, it’s your teammate that is nowhere near you. With duos communication is streamlined it’s just you and one other person. It takes the edge of being solo out there, but also provides someone to watch your back when the going gets tough. The most common interaction is your duo’s crew runs up on another duo; the first thing to know is that if you get that first kill you’re usually good to go because a 2v1 is rough for anyone to overcome. With squads even if you kill one there are 3 others you have to try and account for in that time. During one firefight the others not involved will likely be flanking hard, so just when you think you have the advantage – you don’t. All in all, it’s nice knowing there is only one other teammate to account for and good communication can be crucial.



The biggest con to duos is the sheer fact if you lose the first engage and one of you goes down it’s awfully hard to recover and take out both members of the other team. Also, if you go down in a duos game people are viciously trying to lobby you because that is super demoralizing to the one living teammate. Duo’s can be looked at as sort of like a high-risk, high-reward type of game. Also, it can be hard to work against 2 people who are very much in synch, so it can be an added challenge to that of a solos match.


fortnite win


Well, there are a bunch of pros here such as 4 different sets of eyes, people to revive you, people to build or cover while you’re building, ability to split and still not be alone, etc. Playing squads can be very fun especially with a good squad that you can count on. There’s nothing better than executing a plan of attack with the whole squad. Usually, everyone on the team will have some sort of role. When we play we usually have the builder, the sniper, the explosives expert, and then the bait. If your roles are any different please let us know in the comment section below. With this type of tactical approach, it can really lend itself to some serious wins.



More people may equal more firepower, but it also means that you’ll be visible to many more people. There’s also more personalities to check too. No matter what there will always be a few different personalities; the loner, the leader, the “why the hell are you over there?” guy, and the guy that’s on fire. Let’s just say most of those roles are annoying in their own way. You will spend a lot of time


The Verdict


Obviously, opinions can differ, however, I personally feel like duos can give you the best chance of winning. It is the best for streamlined communication which is very important and that can be super helpful to someone who hasn’t played as much. Fortnite, on the surface, maybe about killing and building, but the best players know it’s about information. For example, the location of the enemies, keeping track of the storm, what weapons the enemy team has, and so many more instances of this. The determining factor for me is the fact that if you win the first engage you’re a shoe-in to win the battle 2v1. I’ll sign up for a 2v1 all day. Also, the ability to get healed and avoid the dreaded sudden death is huge too.

If whether you agree or disagree please let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you don’t want to share don’t – it’s cool we still like you.

Paying Our Respects To a Classic

Paying Our Respects To a Classic

Fortnite has quickly taken over the video game world for all ages. The player customization, diversity of game modes, replay system, and the simple yet addictive battle royale concept are genius innovations that other games haven’t completely tapped into. Or have they.

Where It All Started

As an athlete and sports games were always an easy draw for me. A competitive, trash talk filled NBA 2K, Madden, or FIFA game was all I needed, but in 2007 the release of Halo 3 changed everything. Side Note: It still has the best theme music ever. Don’t believe me? Just check out this beautiful viral rendition of it and tell me you didn’t get goosebumps. Now back to the post, FPS quickly took over my gaming world along with everyone else. With arguably one of the greatest storylines in gaming, everything from the campaign, to Xbox live play was entertaining. One of Halo’s first innovations was combining the two. Halo 2 was one of the first non-PC games that you can play the campaign with friends online. Along with an assortment of online game modes.

Now when I look at the all popular Fornite I can’t help but notice that a lot of the aspects that make the game extremely popular and fun were done by the Halo franchise, and to be honest, I think Bungie and Halo did it better. Let’s start with the customization aspect. Fortnite allows you to purchase or unlock multiple skins, pickaxes, backpacks, etc. without giving a tactical advantage to the game. I’m sure you’ve heard or read the following – “These items are cosmetic only and grant no competitive advantage.” The statement alone has become a meme. Halo 3 allowed customization of your Spartan Soldier or Covenant Elite, with different armors, helmets, etc. also without giving a tactical advantage in the game. Although you could always tell the good players from the bad based on their soldier. I was running from a flaming Hayabusa armor wearing Spartan soldier just as fast as I’m running from a John Wick/Omega.

Another aspect of Fortnite is its limited time game modes. Boredom is not an option when they give you an opportunity to try new styles of play such as all legendary guns, 50v50, or even the sponsored infinity gauntlet Thanos game mode. Halo was far ahead of its time with an identical aspect of limited time games modes such as the all popular SWAT, shotty/snipes, rocket race, etc. It was a genius idea to not only create diversity in the game but to test new game modes to see popularity and possibly make improvements down the road.

Halo 3When it comes to professional gaming or streamers a game replay mode is imperative to their work. One of Fortnite’s biggest updated added a replay system that you can see full gameplay from different angles and multiple perspectives. This, being a great addition, hs come with many flaws and bugs that are supposedly getting fixed. Nonetheless, it is a great feature, but let us not forget the Halo theater mode. It was a steamers wet dream. Halo 3 and its theater mode was such an innovation as it sparked a youtube channel Machinima dedicated to making productions like shows and mini-movies from Halo 3 gameplay. if anything Halo 3’s replay mode was the one aspect that was far before its time.

All in all, I’m not trying to take away from Fortnite’s success, however, what I am doing is attempting to put things into perspective for an internet that seemingly has a very short memory. While yes, Fortnite is doing a ton of things right they’re not the originators of many of their ideas. It doesn’t make them bad, or biters or anything like that let’s just put some respect on Halo’s name. Love live Master Chief, and no not that friggin’ imposter that 343 claims to still be Master Chief.

As always, leave your comments below! And Be sure to check out the rest of our post here.


Can we get a new graffiti game soon?

Can we get a new graffiti game soon?

Let’s get the talk going about a new graffiti game? Where they been at? With all of these amazing single player games dropping, you figure someone would breathe life into the genre.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a ton of respect for Graffiti Kings and the other super artistic games on Oculus. I’m an artist myself and love any opportunity to create. I’m talking about a story driven game devoted to dirty dirty street art, though. That’s what I’m dying for!

Marc Ecko's graffiti game for PS2

Marc Ecko’s ‘ getting up’ has a very special place in my heart. It came out sometime during high school when i was doing some of my peak gaming and having a ton of fun. It was a game that gave me a taste of the graffiti life that i had been tempted by so many times. I had so many friends into bombing. It seemed like everyone did it back then.

I have a bit of a bias there, for sure. I am an artist and love all things graffiti, but I’m sure there are people out there who loved this game regardless! I would hope so.

And let’s not forget our friends here…

That’s right! You can’t tell me that you owned a Dreamcast and didn’t play the hell out of this game! Well… actually I think my Dreamcast came with the game… so… yea. But still… This, Crazy Taxi, and Power Stone (OMG remember Power Stone?!) were the heavy hitters for me as a kid on Dreamcast. That was pretty much before the internet as we know it, too, so you had to learn about new games by word of mouth when you were a kid. Pretty crazy!

Mentioning the prolific and groundbreaking likes of Jet Set Radio almost makes me want to boot up the crappy iPad version. That game was and still is a visual masterpiece. If you were into couch single player then you were no doubt playing this game in its prime. It was one of the Dreamcast’s premier titles throughout its lifetime (even though that was way too short.)

I had loads of fun with this game unlike the kind of fun i can remember having with any other game recently. I would LOVE to see another installment using an updated movement engine for the skates.

To wrap it up…

I just want to take a quick moment to pray to the almighty gods of gaming that we may be able to see a game like one of those very soon. We need a new narrative-driven graffiti game. They were great games and there hasnt been a good one in far too long.

And before you even start,…. no… Subway Surfers is not a graffiti game! Get the hell outta here!

I want some nitty gritty, cop chasing, crime committing street art action in my life again soon!!


Tilted is Being Repaired and That is Friggin’ Awesome!

Tilted is Being Repaired and That is Friggin’ Awesome!

The kid (and the adult) in me is going wild today. After the latest update, which was implemented last night, Tilted Towers is being repaired. The giant crater that had been in the middle of Tilted is now patched over with a truck sitting on top of it. Now while it doesn’t sound all that exciting it’s a sign of things to come. I’m a big proponent of map changes as often as possible. It keeps things from becoming stale while not completely overhauling any bit of the game. Some people have been calling for other maps, so there’s some variance, but honestly, as long as they continuously update the original I don’t see a need for additional maps. It also keeps the balance between casual players and experienced players since casual players won’t have to learn all the “in’s and out’s” of each new map that comes out. This strategy also has a hidden benefit too – the devs can manage the drop rate of certain places. If somewhere gets too “hot” they can simply add in or take away that spot causing a shift in drop rates. This could be huge for balance and competition.

EpicEpic Games

Epic is seriously firing on all cylinders. Every time I have doubts about Fortnite they deliver better than I could imagine. I think they are truly paving the way for a new way of developing games. They listen to their community and then pump out tremendous content. Every time I thought something was going to be cheesy it is delivered in a very well thought out.

Keep up the good work Epic!