Gardevoir Release date announced

Gardevoir Release date announced

Good news to psychic-type fans out there!

A fan-favorite, Gardevoir, is dropping tomorrow, 7/28/2021, for pokemon Unite.

Who is Gardevoir?

Gardevoir is a fan-favorite psychic-fairy type pokemon who (in the main series of games). It is probably safe to assume this pokemon will have special attack-based moves in Pokemon Unite. Most “mage” type pokemon seem to point in that direction (Pikachu, Eldegoss, Gengar, etc.)

Gardevoir move set Pokemon Unite

Move One


Attacks with a straight blast in a designated direction

Cooldown – 4.5 seconds


After you hit an opponent or when the move has traveled its max distance, it creates a circle, dealing damage to enemies in the area – decreasing the movement speed of enemy pokemon for a short time.

Cooldown – 7 seconds


The user attacks while moving backward, creating distance. This doubles as an escape/position adjustment tool. When it hits, this move deals damage to enemy pokemon in a cone shape, leaving pokemon closest to the user stunned for a short period of time.

Cooldown – 6 Seconds

Move Two


The user warps to a designated area. Once they get there, the damage is increased for the first basic attack.

Cooldown – 11 seconds


An attack that strikes three times in front of the user in an AOE style. This attack can land on multiple enemies at once.

Cooldown – 11 seconds

Future Sight

A delayed explosion occurs. When this hits enemy pokemon, it shortens the cooldown of the attack.

This sounds like it might end up being something like Gengar’s “Hex” attack that can have a one-second cooldown if hitting enemies inflicted with his status effect. It could mean a potentially devastating attack in team fights for Gardevoir.

Cooldown – 10 seconds

Unite Move

Fairy Singularity

Gardevoir’s unite move. This “warps space” in a designated area, bringing enemies closer to the center of the blast. Once the warp space disappears, pokemon is knocked back and dealt damage.

This sounds like another CC attack team fight beast of a move. We’re excited to see the impact this has on the game as it moves forward.


Seems like Gardevoir is going to play as an absolute CC beast. The downfall of the champion (balance) is the long cooldowns for her attacks. No telling how strong her base attacks will be, but it seems like Gardevoir is a new, different type of pokemon that we expect to play just as well as all the others.

More pokemon releases for pokemon unite coming soon!

This is the first of the three that were meant to be included in the game in the first place but didn’t make it in at launch – Gardevoir, Blastoise, and Chancey.

According to data mines, we have Eevee on the way also who will transform into only Sylveon (at the time of this writing).

Are you excited to play Gardevoir?

She’s a favorite of ours here!

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Among Us removes task bar live updating – sticking only to meeting updates

Among Us removes task bar live updating – sticking only to meeting updates

Sick and tired of getting called out fake swiping your card on common tasks in admin? Well you are in luck! Among Us devs have heard our cries of BS and have added the option to have the task bar only update during meetings. 

We tried this out last night with a few of the homies from our discord and can assure you,, the imposters are harder to detect than ever! We’re excited to see how this game continues to grow. Can’t lie, it was a bit BS when you were able to simply wait to see if the task bar went up when someone pretended to do card swipe in admin. There are a few people we knew who became the card swipe POLICE because of it!

Shout out to the devs of Among Us on continuing to support the game and make changes that are making it better than ever.

Among Us removes task bar live updating – sticking only to meeting updates

Among Us Discord Channel Created! – Join Up Today

Sweatpants gaming is adding a Discord channel for among us. Join other players to play Among Us and find friends playing Among Us by joining our Discord Channel today. We are happy to have you and are looking to have some exciting games of Among Us with people looking to join a community.

 If you play a game that we don’t have a community for yet and our Discord, please get in touch with us and let us know. We would be happy to know this and would be probably happy to add a channel for the game you and your friends enjoy if you are looking to join up with sweatpants gaming.

 Among Us is a new Survival game inspired by popular card games where you have to find out who the imposters are without letting them murder everyone. It’s pretty exciting and a game we love so far.  Join a community for among us today and play with sweatpants gaming.

Cresselia, Zapdos, and Arcticuno arriving in raids this month!!

Cresselia, Zapdos, and Arcticuno arriving in raids this month!!

Did you (like us) miss your chance at the Gen one legendary birds like Zapdos and Articuno or other fan favs like Cresselia? Well this month is your chance to get back in on the action and snag them for yourself! After our long hiatus from the game, we love that they’re dropping these awesome legendaries back into the game.

Read below for some information on when and where you will be able to find Cresselia, Zapdos, and Articuno this month, as well as Heatran, of course, which is old news at this point!

When will Cresselia, Zapdos, and Articuno be dropping in September?


Cresselia will be coming to raids near you September 10-18, 2020 


Articuno will be coming to raids September 18-25, 2020


Zapdos is on the way to finish up the new raids from September 25 – October 2, 2020


Will Moltres be rounding out the set of legendary birds for 2020?

Being that Articuno is “UNO,” Zapdos is “DOS,” and Moltres is “TRES,” we can only assume. It would be as simple as one, two, three… but we will keep you posted once we know for sure.

Thanks for reading and good luck catching those legendaries.

More Pokemon GO news to come.

Want to raid in Pokemon GO with a community of other trainers?

Fill out the form below to apply for a spot in our discord today. We would love to have any trainers who are still out there raiding and evolving their pokemon, just like us.

Cresselia September 10-18

Artichoke September 18-25

Zapdos September 25 – October 2

If you are interested in joining up with us for a remote rating, get in touch. We have a community in discord where we organize raids and we would be happy to have any of the daughter Pokémon trainers we’re still playing Pokémon go.

More Pokémon go news to come!

Pokemon GO Raiding Community by Sweatpants Gaming

Pokemon GO Raiding Community by Sweatpants Gaming

We’ve been sucked back into the black hole of fitness that is Pokemon GO. The game has nowhere near the original player base, but the hardcore pokemon trainers and level 30+ players are still here. You would be surprised how active the Pokemon GO community still is.

So we thought it would be a great time to kick some of the excitement back up with a brand new Discord channel in our server dedicated to Pokemon GO multiplayer Raiding, which has become difficult with the drop in global players, especially when you’re from a place without a ton of raids to do in the first place. Luckily, most of our team resides in New York City, where the Pokemon GO raids are plentiful!

Pokemon GO raid discord server and community for local players

We want Pokemon GO players from all over the world to be able to take advantage of the new multiplayer matchmaking for Pokemon go raids. We think it’s a great opportunity to start a new community since we’ve recently got back into playing ourselves.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Pokemon go rating Community with a bunch of other casual players and 30-plus Pokemon trainers who can contribute to Five Star raids like Heatran another new raid bosses, we would be happy to have you as part of our Pokemon go Gaming Community.  Get in touch with us via the direct Discord link or fill out a form on the side and we will review your eligibility and get right back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for gaming with us!

thank you to all the players in our community who have made playing games like Super Smash Brothers such a fun time in the past. We are getting back into the spirit of community gaming with this new Pokemon go community and I really hope that everybody finds a chance to catch those legendary Pokemon from the raids that can be hard as a solo Trainor.

We will see you out there!