Iron Harvest…What a Disappointment!

Iron Harvest…What a Disappointment!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching for an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game that lives up to the greatness that Command & Conquer gave us so many years ago. Sure, there’s been some good ones throughout the years, namely Starcraft and Starcraft 2, but they just didn’t do it for me the same way Command and Conquer did, so I’m always on the lookout for the next RTS game. A while back I found out about this game that was actually on Kickstarter – Iron Harvest.

From the looks of it, it looked great! It was evident they had taken their time with the character design and backstory. Also, they took a large-scale poll of many RTS players and asked them exactly what they wanted in a game. I fully supported the way they were going about it. I was so hyped about it I even wrote this post months ago. I was intrigued more and more the more I heard. So, I followed the game’s development and literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on the demo or beta.

The second the beta came out I instantly downloaded and was super excited to get into it. I sat down started a game and was met with perhaps the biggest disappointment I’ve ever had in gaming. The game was nothing more than a worse Company of Heroes clone. Honestly, I just couldn’t believe it. You mean to tell me these developers used a big amount of time to develop this game and to survey a ton of RTS just to give us a game that had already been made and made better at that. The gameplay is the exact same. There’s nothing fresh about the game whatsoever.

As much as I want to say there’s a chance that the developers will turn this thing around and add enough to it where it feels like a fresh experience, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. They clearly missed the mark, and there’s next to nothing out there that makes me believe it’ll grow into something great. Now excuse me while I go play the recent Command and Conquer remaster!

Among Us removes task bar live updating – sticking only to meeting updates

Among Us removes task bar live updating – sticking only to meeting updates

Sick and tired of getting called out fake swiping your card on common tasks in admin? Well you are in luck! Among Us devs have heard our cries of BS and have added the option to have the task bar only update during meetings. 

We tried this out last night with a few of the homies from our discord and can assure you,, the imposters are harder to detect than ever! We’re excited to see how this game continues to grow. Can’t lie, it was a bit BS when you were able to simply wait to see if the task bar went up when someone pretended to do card swipe in admin. There are a few people we knew who became the card swipe POLICE because of it!

Shout out to the devs of Among Us on continuing to support the game and make changes that are making it better than ever.

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda for $7.5b | What it means for us as gamers


Microsoft has just acquired Bethesda Studios for 7.5 billion dollars

What does this mean are PlayStation Gamers? Probably that they won’t be able to play the newest installment of Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls 6. But for those who were planning on playing the new Elder Scrolls game on their PC, it will probably have very little effect.

If you have been playing PC and you have the Xbox app downloaded, you’ll probably have realized by now that you can do many of the things you can do with an Xbox right on your PC. For PC players this is great. The new Halo game will most likely be following suit of Gears of War and be dropping on PC at the same time that it drops on the Xbox. We can now probably expect the same thing for Elder Scroll 6. It will be on PC maybe even streaming from Xbox with no download required when it comes out. However, we do not have confirmation of that that it’s just speculation.

We will be continuing to follow this story as it develops and what it means for gamers on Playstation as well as Switch, PC, and Xbox. Please keep it locked to Sweatpants Gaming. Talk to you soon.

Among Us removes task bar live updating – sticking only to meeting updates

Among Us Discord Channel Created! – Join Up Today

Sweatpants gaming is adding a Discord channel for among us. Join other players to play Among Us and find friends playing Among Us by joining our Discord Channel today. We are happy to have you and are looking to have some exciting games of Among Us with people looking to join a community.

 If you play a game that we don’t have a community for yet and our Discord, please get in touch with us and let us know. We would be happy to know this and would be probably happy to add a channel for the game you and your friends enjoy if you are looking to join up with sweatpants gaming.

 Among Us is a new Survival game inspired by popular card games where you have to find out who the imposters are without letting them murder everyone. It’s pretty exciting and a game we love so far.  Join a community for among us today and play with sweatpants gaming.

How long do you have to watch VALORANT streams to get a beta access key?

How long do you have to watch VALORANT streams to get a beta access key?

So Valorant is here… kind of. Its basically Counterstrike with powers from what we can tell from watching hours and hours of streams, which is what you need to do to unlock the game for yourself apparently.

We’re still over here waiting for that magic moment where Twitch blesses us with a beta access key for Valorant.

How long do you have to watch Valorant on Twitch before you can play the game yourself?

Nobody really knows and there isn’t a good way to figure it out other than watching stream chats and people who are getting them and giving little tidbits.

Officially, once you watch a stream for 2 hours you are eligible to get drops, but when you watch more, it “slightly” increases your odds.

This comes from one of TimTheTatman’s party mates saying this, so other than that we can’t vouch for its true-ness.

For a clue of what other players are saying:

I’ve seen 5 days, 12 hours, and 90 hours from various players.

Recommendations to make sure you are ready to receive your key:

  • Make sure your Twitch and Riot Games accounts are linked
  • Make sure your Riot Games account is set to the correct part of the world (i.e. Northeast USA)
  • Watch a stream of Valorant WITH DROPS ENABLED
    • Streamers usually have that right in the descriptions of their stream, but make sure you see the little message under their title which says Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot. You can only earn loot on one stream at a time. Learn more

Anyway, hopefully we get access to this game soon so we can bless you guys with that spicy content you know and love. We have alot planned coming up with this game and are going to be happy to get into something from the start and stick with it.

See you guys soon!


Oh My Goodness…Is That a New Promising RTS Game? Iron Harvest May Have What It Takes.

Oh My Goodness…Is That a New Promising RTS Game? Iron Harvest May Have What It Takes.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of a promising RTS title is super exciting. Mainly because I’m still trying to relive my Command and Conquer glory days, but that’s beside the fact. Every RTS game since just hasn’t lived up to the hype in my opinion. Sure there have been great titles such as Starcraft and Starcraft II, but there’s just something about them that doesn’t hold a candle to the Command and Conquer series. Trust me, I tried to go hard with several RTS titles, and it just hasn’t been the same. I still go back occasionally and play solo skirmishes just to relive the greatness that was. The thing is, I miss the online battles and community the most. So I’ve been anxious to get into a new RTS game and Iron Harvest finally looks like it’ll something worth my time.

I must say I like their approach. For a multitude of reasons, RTS games and RTS are very particular about just about everything. There have so many failures in the genre and it really doesn’t have much of a presence online at the moment other than Starcraft II. The thing that is promising about this title is the fact that they have a mentality where their community is put first and foremost. They were originally and successfully crowdsourced too, so that is always interesting considering people have supported it from the start. It was also picked up by a publisher recently, so it seems like full steam (no pun intended) ahead here.

What are your thoughts? Let us know.

We’ve included some snapshots of the game below.