Our Take On Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods

Our Take On Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods

Hey all, we’ve got an inside look at a new game that has currently hit Steam. It’s called Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods. In this “metal shoot-em’-up” you’ll be saving your metal bros from some mysterious ancient evil.  Published by Nubero Games, an indie game publisher with a few titles currently on Steam. This game was recommended by a great friend of SweatPants gaming and a great source for anything indie gaming – @ghettogamer you can find him on Twitter.

Just going to be honest here for a moment, when I heard it was based around metal music I wasn’t exactly hyped since I really haven’t listened to anything close to metal since high school. Metal doesn’t get much play time in the Sweatpants Den. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate on metal and I certainly don’t hate on rock, but the heavier stuff is just not my scene. Nevertheless, after checking out a video, I thought the gameplay and graphics looked dope as hell and I was excited to check it out. They say it’s a game by metalheads for metalheads – well let’s see what a non-metal head thinks.


They really remind me of Guitar Heroes graphics up close. It’s a totally different type of game, but the character models do like pretty similar in my opinion. They are nice looking 3D graphics which do pop on your screen. There are several well-designed characters to choose from. The NPCs within the game look great as well. There are a lot of bright reds, purples, and other colors that will jump out at you. Things on-screen can get chaotic, but I never lost track of what where we were or anything like that, so that is always nice. Some games it just gets too wild and you can’t make sense of what is going on, but I never had that feeling here.


It’s a classic top-down shooter that most people will be familiar with. You’ll fight through procedurally generated levels, going from room to room shooting enemies and collecting any power-ups you may find along the way. The goal is to defeat the boss and then move on to the next stage. The controls are simple and easy to learn. Also, quick side note, even not being a metal fan, the original soundtrack definitely made an impression on me and I will also say it does its job of getting you hyped throughout the sometimes frantic gameplay. Kudos to the soundtrack.

The actions are straightforward you shoot, shoot, shoot and then shoot some more. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of intricacies, but even those are straightforward. You do have an ultimate move of sorts – you can summon your bandmates when you’re in some serious trouble.  It has full controller support which is always a nice option. It also offers local Co-op which sometimes seems like it’s a thing of the past, but I always like when games have the option because no one can deny it is more fun to play co-op in person. It brings back that feeling we all had as kids like, you know, actually having to hang out with one another to play a specific game together.

There a bunch of collectibles in the game which adds a little bonus throughout the game. All the rockers out there will love it, they’ll have you searching for guitars, picks, strings and other similar items. I won’t lie, I lost track of time a few times while playing Metal Tales which is usually a good sign.

Give it a look if you’re into Metal, and even if you’re not it’s a fun time-killer that can get you lost in the world of metal.

Check it out and rock out with your sweats on!

Bugs Must Die – Trailer #2 – Sweatpants Gaming

Bugs Must Die – Trailer #2 – Sweatpants Gaming


One title we are really looking forward to is Bugs Must Die by DG Games Workshop, has just dropped another trailer and now we’re even more excited to get our hands on it. This trailer lets you see a lot more of the gameplay and it does not disappoint. Before we get into the specifics we want to let you know that’ll it’ll be on Steam this September, so if you like what you see check it out when it drops.



In our last write-up about “Bugs Must Die”, we explained that it is a top-down shooter like many you have played in the past, but Bugs Must Die is a 2018 version of all your classic favorites like Jackal and Smash TV. If you’re anything like me those games sucked you right in, and Bugs Must Die looks like it’ll carry on the legacy of those great games very well.   Judging from what we can see in the trailer the buttons look simple which is a good thing in our eyes. With this type of game, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. To us it seems like it is shaping up nicely as a game which is simple to learn, but complex to master. Honestly, with the number of lasers and other projectiles, it reminded me of Cuphead. Let’s just pray it isn’t as hard as Cuphead ha. It isn’t a platformer like Cuphead, but it has some similarities when it comes to dodging projectiles.

Right off the bat, they show that Bugs Must Die will have both controller and keyboard support. It’s always nice to have the option. They show the control scheme directly in the field of play, but in a non-invasive way which is very nice because you won’t have to go searching for the button scheme. Once again, nothing out of the ordinary, and that’s a good thing. The one thing you’ll want to look for is the Z key because that’s how you’ll unleash your special on these poor bugs.

The trailer also shows us the use of RPG elements. You’ll be able to upgrade your character, vehicles, and/or weapons. I’m a big fan of this because it allows you to make your character the way you want, which is always a nice option to have.

Here’s a preview of some of the art. 



Self-described as, “Bug must die” is a modern-retro-style 2D pixel-art top-down shooter. As an elite from the Galactic Pests Control Company, you are sent to the planet M-79 to prevent Mantis Beings from invading Earth. On the terrestrial planet, you not only have to destroy the cruel Mantis soldiers but also battle with the various Bosses cloned from Earth POP culture.”

They also let you in on a little more of the story which is cool to see. Gameplay is great, but every great game needs a great story to go with it. With the little we have to go off it seems like two of your special agents went missing and you’ll have to fight through the Mantis Beings to find your down-on-their-luck comrades. I’m sure there’s more to the story, but even if it was just straightforward I think it gives you enough of that emotional plot that will give you a little added reason to kick some alien bug ass!


I can’t wait to get my hands on this! We’ll keep you and your sweatpants updated on its release, so be sure to come to visit us and read the latest updates.

Cryptic Fallout Message

Cryptic Fallout Message

We’re not sure to make of it, but Bethesda and the Fallout crew just put out a teaser of sorts. Being big fans of the Fallout series, we are excited, to say the least. In the gaming community, there have certainly been mixed reactions about Fallout 4, but that won’t stop us from wanting to get our hands on the latest Fallout content.

So What Is It?

Well, we wish we had more to go off of than a 3-second video which you could watch here, but the likely thoughts are Fallout 5? New Fallout 4 DLC? Or even a remastered 3 or New Vegas. Honestly, I’d be excited for just about all of these possible outcomes. So let’s speculate for a minute.

Fallout 5?

They did so much right with 4, but there were some drawbacks that the gaming community has not let up on which drags the opinion of the game down a bit. If they take the dynamic storytelling, base building, power suits, and character customization from 4 and build on those aspects I think they’ll have another monster hit on their hands. So here’s to hoping to another fine installment of a great series.


I hate to admit, but I never got the chance to sink my teeth into 3 and I would love to in a non-dated format. If it’s New Vegas remastered that would be dope as well. New Vegas is a masterpiece of a game and its storytelling can be hard to top in the video game industry. There’s always a reason to go back and play New Vegas. If you’re someone who’s reading this and hasn’t played it go! Go now and play it.

Fallout 4 DLC?

No. I really hope that’s not it. That would be disappointing, to say the least.

Let Us Know Your Theories Below

Review: SOL705

Review: SOL705

Do you remember those point and click adventures from when you were a kid? We’re talking the likes of Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, and Spy Fox. The real OGs of the point and click adventure game genre. Those games that were so epic when you were a little kid. Your parents loved them because they were able to shut you up for a few hours in the pre-tablet era.

Even as time went on, games like ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ were created to port that kind of experience over to the adult crowd.

Aside from those big, well-known titles, there are indie game studios still in love with the genre who are breathing life back into the point and click adventure in new and interesting ways. In particular, we have been given an exclusive look at an upcoming game called ‘SOL705’ (pronounced “soul-705”)

SOL705 blends the point and click adventure genre of games with comedy, 90’s nostalgia, and mystery with a modern twist.

First Impressions

When we first got our hands on the game, we noticed the classic 8-bit style with a modern twist. Gone are the days of the old school limited 8-bit art style for this game. This is more closely related to pixel art as you’d see surfing the art subreddit. Its simple, yet complex and totally beautiful. We’re big on visuals here at SPG, in-case you haven’t caught on!

SOL background

The backgrounds are crafted from what seems to be a mashup with photography and digital painting. They look totally cool and make cruising around the SOL705 world interesting and fresh. The way the characters can interact with them makes them feel fluid and dynamic even though they seem to be 2D images.

The characters are all well-designed and you will find yourself rooting for them to solve the mystery at hand. The entire story takes place over 7 days since you’ll (the main characters) have to get back to school, but the gameplay will make you want to solve it as fast as you can!


Without ruining anything we can safely say something strange is going on in the town. The story takes place in 1974, so you’ll be jumping back in time for this adventure. Some people in the town are starting to act super strange and then animals are acting even stranger, so you’ll have to get work asap to figure out what is going on here. It honestly reminded me a bit of Stranger Things, let me know in the comment section if you agree there. Along the way, you’ll meet some interesting characters and they share some similar archetypes we have seen in sci-fi before; there are the adventurous kids,  crazy mad scientist, and some new takes on the genre. This fact just makes it that much more enjoyable because you’ll find yourself relating to those character types we know and love.

SOL pizzaeria


We’ve already established that this is a point and click adventure type of game. Your primary interactions will be to examine, talk, pick up, or use the different people and objects in the environment. Don’t worry the interactions and dynamic feel of navigating the town will keep the game feeling fresh.

Verdict – SOL705

Though we were only able to play a brief demo of the game, we already see some real promise in this newcomer to the point and click adventure game genre. If you’re into narrative-driven games that don’t require a ton from you in the skill department and rely more on puzzles and thinking, you’d probably be a fan. If you are into solving mysteries, then you are in the right place with SOL705.

For more on SOL705 and other upcoming point and click adventure titles, stay tuned right here to Sweatpants Gaming.

If you would like to support the game’s development please click here.

If you want to get the demo for yourself, you can download it on these platforms:



Review: They Are Billions

Review: They Are Billions

Man, am I addicted to this game right now. It isn’t exactly the typical game I’ve been into recently, but I must say I am hooked! “They Are Billions” is a real-time strategy game which will really make you think. It has a simple concept at the surface – don’t let the billions of zombies invade your settlement, but of course, as any good RTS, there are plenty of elements which make this a difficult task. There are multiple resources which you will need to gather for your community to flourish some of those are wood, stone, and iron just to name a few. They are intricately designed, so you can never truly pump out the same product – at least in the early game. The game is well thought out. Once you get your industry rolling then you can really plan your strategy of how to defend yourself and last the predetermined amount of days. A typical game lasts a 100 days, but if you’re really a pro you can take a more challenging length. The reason the game is so challenging is that one tiny slip up and the game is over. I will admit that it will sometimes leave you feeling empty, since typically you’ve just poured an extended amount of time into setting up your settlement, and boom within seconds all your beautiful colonists are running around as zombies as you see your hard work just come crumbling down. However, if you’re anything like me that is just a challenge to get better the next time you fire up the game. If you’re into strategy games this is a must buy in my opinion. It’s not just the strategy that makes it worth it, it’s also the cool art that this game brings to the table – check the screenshots below to see for yourself. Grab a nice pair of sweats, sit back and defend those colonist’s lives! Let us know your thoughts below!

Fortnite 2.4.0 Update – New Minigun Weapon

Fortnite 2.4.0 Update – New Minigun Weapon

The Fortnite Minigun – Update 2.4.0

So you may have heard that Fortnite is releasing a new update and we’re just as excited as you are to try out the new minigun they’ve been teasing. This thing looks sick, I mean what miniguns aren’t sick really. Be prepared to do some heavy damage with this thing. From what we’re hearing it’ll great for just decimating your opponents buildings and mowing down a whole squad in one oversized clip!

We’re only going to talk about the minigun because honestly, that’s the only thing most people will care about in this update, but if you’re interested and seeing what the rest of the fuss is about here are the Patch Notes.

Our Take

This is a welcomed addition to the battle royale. Some are donning Fortnite minigun as a new, more high-powered assault rifle, but I don’t feel like that does it justice. Some of this is speculative but based on the patch notes and what we’ve heard  – it is poised to change the game stylistically. Instead of most weapons forcing you to be somewhat tactical this beast will allow you barge right in and make for some unwanted guest in your opponents fort! Get that bad boy spinning,  which will take a second, and then do your damage.

There are a few things about the minigun that we don’t have to speculate about which are where to get one, the ammo it uses, and its fire rate. First off, you can find them in chest or supply drops, so, unfortunately, they won’t be just lying around any ol’ place. Secondly, they will fire just under the fire rate of an SMG. The last is most surprising in my opinion, I figured the minigun would use medium ammo, but it’ll use light ammo which might be a good thing since you’re going to need a lot of it.

As far as we’ve heard it still isn’t live, which is pretty whack considering it was supposed to drop nearly 2 days ago, but we’ll just have to be patient and let Epic Games do their thing. They’ve delivered in the past and they will continue to do so. Good luck out on the Fortnite battlefield.