Yes, you read that correctly, I am going to make a case for Reindog being the best support character in Multiversus. Sorry Velma and Steven Universe fans, but it’s true. Although, with the way they have been updating patches you never know who will be nerfed to the ground next week. At the time of writing, Reindog just received a slight buff, but nothing over the top.

Reindog is the only fully original character from Player First Games, so I was interested to see what he was all about. I can't lie I wanted to hop on the game so I can use characters that made me nostalgic, but there was just something about the Reindog's kit that made me want to keep playing him. If you want to know his story take a look here.

The way I’m going to explain this isn’t by bashing any of the other supports too much, but rather by gas Reindog up to the point of him being a mythical figure. Here are 3 reasons why I believe he is the best support character in Multiversus.

1. Reindogs Dominant Save

We’ll start with the most dominant saves in the entire game. There are a few other characters that have a similar, but far less effective type of save as Reindog. For example, Wonder Woman can use her lasso to grab and pull her teammates back to safety. Also, Morty has a move that pulls in a similar way. The thing is - Those are much harder to land, and also not as drastic. Reindogs save is easier to pull off, and as an added bonus you can pull your teammate across the entire map. If you land this at the right time it very well be the difference between winning and losing.

If there is one downside to it has to be that it can be hard to focus on while in the chaos that is a Multiversus matchup. Most games feel like an actual looney toon episode, there are things flying all over the place which makes it a bit harder to focus on it when you’re running for your life.

2. Great Aerials

For what looks like a pleasantly plump reindeer mixed with a dog, Reindog can really move in the air. I would definitely consider him a very “floaty” character. With this being said, he’s not really the fastest mover in the air, but he will cover a good amount of ground and have a few different options of attack. 

We’ll start with Reindogs spike and down aerial. This is something you must master as a Reindog player. Not only will this get you a lot of kills off the stage, but it will also give you a lot of kills towards the middle as well. In general, it is one of his best kill moves no matter where you are. It should be used early and often. It has a big hitbox, breaks shields, and can be charged, giving you an extra punch when needed. As a helpful tip take a look at the pictures below this is about where you should start your down aerial for maximum effectiveness. Reindog needs a little bit of time to complete his revolution for his down aerial. so make sure you account for this.

Reindog also has an aerial side special which is one of his better knockout moves. This move is a bit slow moving and can be punished from time to time, but it’s necessary to learn. It is pretty straightforward, but you can direct it around better than a lot of people think. I suggest going into the lab and just figuring out the movement and range of the move. 

3. Big Damage

One of the more interesting things about Multiversus in my opinion is that their support characters aren’t exactly built to heal, or just shield, but many of them do a ton of damage. Now, this does come with a trade-off it can be more difficult to kill. With Reindog and Velma, they can use their projectiles to rack up huge damage while mostly staying out of the fray. Because of this fact they are best paired with an assassin or a high-damage mage type who can help get those knockouts when their damage is up high.

We will quickly go over just how the Reindog racks up so much damage: 

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