Blizzard opted out of letting creators own the rights to their creations in WCIII: Reforged

In the midst of all the crying and complaining about Warcraft III: Reforged from the community, much of which I think is over-the-top, one thing stuck out to me regarding Blizzard’s choices in editing their terms to make sure they don’t repeat the “mistakes” of the past.

It’s come to my knowledge that the terms and conditions of Warcraft III: Reforged (which obviously I didn’t read) make sure that they own all of the maps created by the community in custom games. If you’re familiar with the story of DOTA and the MOBA genre in general, you’ll know that it was spawned as a custom Warcraft III game that blew up into an entire e-sport and new genre the likes of which millions of people have taken part in. Not just DOTA 2, which most closely resembles the archetypes of the hero set forth in WCIII, but other contenders like League of Legends, SMITE, and many, many more.

It seems like not only have they released what the community deems to be a lackluster game, which puts it nicely compared to what you might read in the WCIII subreddit, but they’re also discouraging their once beautiful community from innovating and creating new games with their platform.

It’s not even just MOBAs, either. Some would say that the entire Tower Defense genre was also created by someone in the WCIII community.

Would anyone from Blizzard ever come up with these ideas if they didn’t come from creators in their community? It’s safe to say they come up with the bare minimum once games are launched, judging by the complaints and frequency of patches since the launch of Reforged. So that’d be a no.

Creators beware… the once empowering creators of WCIII and many other classics, who enabled new creators and aspiring designers to follow their hearts and create, now own every damn thing you make within their map editor.

Are they really hurting that badly from the fact that DOTA was the one that got away? Considering it might exist in the first place today if not for their creators, an argument could be made that they haven’t missed anything. But then again, I’m sure they have plenty of well-crafted PR statements arguing why this was in the best interest of not only themselves but the community at large. I wouldn’t know… 

Not cool Blizzard,… not cool.

New Characters coming soon with the APEX Legends battle pass

New Characters coming soon with the APEX Legends battle pass

Apex Legends has been out for a couple of months now,,, or so it feels. We’ve got a pretty good grasp and become pretty good at what it has to offer combat wise and ability wise.

If you feel like you can’t find the perfect character, the good news is on the way. Sources tell us there could be as many as 11 new APEX Legends characters on the way via the Battle pass which drops March 12 as well as after.

If you love Apex as we do, there will be plenty of new content to come! Maps, characters, and lord knows what else.

“Octane” looks like a few of his cousins were left behind in the Borderlands, perhaps?”

It seems Octane is going to be the newest addition to the APEX Legends lineup, with many gamers speculating he will drop as part of the battle pass next week (March 12th, 2019)

APEX Legends Octane abilities list and guide coming soon

There is going to be a ton of content on the way regarding not just APEX but Octane. We will be publishing a full guide on all of Octane’s abilities, information, and playstyle.

Is it fair to assume he will have some kind of explosives, kind of like the psychos in Borderlands? Maybe a grenade launcher? We can imagine it, but it’s unconfirmed.

We will be updating this post ASAP with new info! Stay tuned

We’ve got a fair amount to cover with Octane, the potential ninth character to enter Apex Legends’ colorful and diverse roster of heroes. To skip to a particular section, simply click on any of the links below to be brought straight there.thanks for reading,

Octane release date – when will Octane be added to APEX Legends?

Most of the community feels that he is coming to the lineup March 12th along with the brand new (and probably not cheap) APEX Legends Battle Pass!

Playing Inkling (and fighting them): A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

Playing Inkling (and fighting them): A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

Image result for inkling super smash

How to Play Inkling in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings a huge library of fighters for you to choose from. One of the fan favorites from the batch of new fighters in this game is Inkling – a cute little squid looking thing that inks enemies and dips below the ground when dashing, dodging, and reloading (which you have to do).

Here is our first ever Smash Bros character guide for your viewing pleasure. We present our official Inkling guide:

Attacks and Specials

Everything you do, shoot, and splat with inkling revolves around the ink that gets all over the place and on enemies as you perform your smash attacks and specials. They all apply ink in one way or another.

The ink doesn’t only annoy your enemies, though. When covered in ink, your enemies will also take more damage from your attacks. Pretty cool!

Your ink tank will deplete as you use the moves that apply ink. Once that runs out, you can refill by pressing B when totally empty. If you want to refill during a pause in the action, you can do so when not empty by shielding (L or R) and pressing B.

Attacks with Inkling are super fast and can lay out the damage pretty fast when you’re landing your attacks. Inkling’s dash attack is one of the best and they can be hard to see when dashing because of their animations. Landing dash attacks can be pretty easy when done correctly. Their jab combo is also one of the best around. It applies ink and can do tons of damage.

Neutral Special (B)

Inkling fires his/her gun like a machine gun, damaging and inking enemies in the path. You can control the direction of the stream by tilting up and down on the stick. Inked enemies take more damage from attacks.

Overall, we don’t use this move a ton. It can be good for some quick damage and ink, but usually, there are better moves to be using!

Side Special (Right or left + B)

Inkling’s side special pulls out the paint roller and runs in the direction you activate it. It can be done in the air for a quick way to get across to your opponent, giving them less time to react. When you hit enemies with the roller, they will be dug into the ground and stunned until they shake themselves out.

If you circle back and hit them with the roller for a second time, it will smash them, sending them flying.

It could just be us, but we find it a bit hard to put the roller away for some reason. It could be something that will be getting patched, but as of now, it sometimes takes us 2-3 presses of B before inkling will put the roller away. A bit annoying when fighting good players when every second matters and response times are so short.

Up Special (Up + B)

Inkling goes into squid form and shoots upwards. One of the best recoveries in the game in our opinion and it can do some damage and box enemies out upon landing. It does no damage until landing and isn’t a great damage move in general – the usual trade off for being such a good recovery.

Down Special (Down + B)

Inkling throws an ink grenade at a variable distance that will explode after a few seconds, causing damage in a large area around the explosion and applying ink. You can extend the range depending on how long you hold B.

If you just tap the button, Inkling will do a little lob, throwing the grenade right in front of him/her.

This move is variable, unpredictable, and can do some serious damage. Since the splash is large, it is pretty easy to hit with. We love using the short distance throw in close combat with someone. It adds an extra thing for them to have to block and is usually unexpected.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Inkling’s greatest strengths are speed and agility. If you’re into fast fighters like Greninja or Shiek, Inkling will probably be a good fit for you. You should move around a lot, pull off many dash attacks, and leverage your speed as much as possible when fighting, especially against slower fighters like Ganondorf or Bowser.

Of course, if they do catch you, your going to get launched like a potato out of a rocket launcher, so be careful!

Ink supply is something you have to worry about a lot with Inkling and make sure it is always as full as possible. Putting your shield up and then hitting B will let you refill at any time, so use your speed and get to an open spot to reload or wait for a lull in the action like when you blast someone far away or KO them.

When fighting Inkling, keep them pressured. If you stay on top of them they wont be able to reload and will be weaker without their special abilities like the grenade and roller. Their smash moves also won’t be as strong when they are short on ink, so keep that pressure on!


Generally, you just want to stay on the move with Inkling to keep yourself safe and get those dash attacks in as much as possible. You can pretty easily combo someone from there with inklings relatively straight forward aerial attacks. The up aerial attack is especially useful when trying to just add that little bit of damage to an already flying enemy. It has some pretty good power to it, too, so you can sometimes get that up smash KO out of it.

Use mobility to your advantage while dodging and dashing around the arena. Keep enemies at bay or disrupt a fight with a well placed grenade, sending 2 or more enemies flying and confused.

Keep your eye on your ink meter and use the best opportunities to refill. The best times are when other enemies are fighting each other, get KOd, or are just far enough away that you can reload. You don’t have to fully reload every time!

That’s pretty much all you need to know!

The Oculus Quest looks pretty amazing.

The Oculus Quest looks pretty amazing.

Ok, so we’re sure some of you guys have already seen this, but we JUST did.

The Oculus Quest looks amazing. Finally, something we can use without looking like we’re hooked up to The Matrix.

We will be buying this at launch and doing reviews and content related to it. Stay tuned!

Wait. What? I think pigs are flying, nope that just the Command and Conquer Series getting a remaster from EA.

Wait. What? I think pigs are flying, nope that just the Command and Conquer Series getting a remaster from EA.

Say what you will about E.A, trust me I’m not their biggest fans either, but if they deliver on this then I will be eternally grateful. This is something that I gave up all hopes on years ago. I have tried to get into to other RTS games, but none add up to the OG Command and Conquer series in my opinion. If I’m being honest the Command and Conquer series truly gripped me like no other game before and no other game since. I remember going to friends house and him playing this game for hours on end, but I honestly usually just hung out with our mutual friend and played a different game while he would soak hours into what turned out to be Red Alert 2.

Ugh, so much nostalgia. 

After making fun of him for days on end, I finally decided to really take a look at what he was playing. I liked the premise which is basically just war but thought it looked too complicated and immediately wrote it off as something I’d never actually enjoy playing. It would creep into my mind every so often I would think about checking it out, but it took me roughly 2 or 3 months of seeing my buddy play it and be insanely hooked, so I said screw it and let me give it a go.

I went out and purchased the game and came back to attempt to download it on to my laptop. I say attempted because I quickly realized that I didn’t have the juice to actually play it. This pushed me to into a hobby of mine which is building or otherwise tinkering with computers. I was able to get a case and some hardware from my old desktop. I asked for a few parts for Christmas and then I put it all together and it all magically worked. I was finally able to really give this game a go and was super excited to try it online as well to see how I stacked up to the competition.  

I’ll be honest I wasn’t really that great at first. If you’ve ever had any experience with real-time strategy games you know they take a lot of hard work and dedication to become great at them. Not only is there usually a top meta involved but with a game like C&C there were multiple armies and a ton of different units and characters to learn. As a curious person, I love learning about the varying differences in each unit and in each army. 

It probably took me until C&C Generals to get really good online. I used spend hours upon hours waging real-time wars in my bedroom late at night when I should’ve been sleeping. I would like to see a remastered Generals in the worst way, however I don’t think it’s in the cards this time around. From what I’ve read they are releasing two remastered titles one is the first Red Alert ( which I’m really excited about) and Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. Both were amazing, but I have to admi t I always felt the Red Alert titles added an amazing storyline ontop of the already amazing gameplay. 

The Americans are ready to go. Generals was THE game.

All in all, I’m super excited and wanted to share how I got into it in the first place and I hope we’ll hear some stories from you guys about how you got started in your favorite games or favorite genres. I can’t wait to be back out there on the digital battlefield! Also, if you want the information from the source itself here it is. 

Our first impressions with super smash bros ultimate

Our first impressions with super smash bros ultimate

It is finally here. the day is finally upon us where we can jump back into the world of smash and beat the bloody hell out of our friends for our own amusement. We’ve been anxiously awaiting our opportunity to get our hands on this one. 

Gladly, i can say that Super Smash Brothers Ultimate did not disappoint.

Lets start off with what we’re sure is the moist important to everyone here…

Combat System

You’re not going to find any groundbreaking changes here, but then again, is that what you wanted? probably not. 

The combat feels cleaner and slightly more sped up than its predecessors (that we can remember). There have been many over the years, but we can say for sure that the combat is notably faster than it was in the previous installment for the Wii U (remember that thing?).

We’ve also noticed that punches and kicks seem to land with more force than they did in previous games. I have been able to knock people and CPU players off the board around 100% to 150% health, which seems a bit less than needed in previous games for a KO. 

Of course, board size factors into this, as well as margin sizes. Some boards have notably smaller “margins” before you will be blasted off the map.


The graphics seem to have been cleaned up, but it isn’t like you can see every pore on Kirby’s … skin … is it skin?

It’s what you would come to expect from Smash Bros. and Nintendo in general. Jaw dropping graphics have never been something they seem to hold higher than their gameplay and mechanics, though Switch has had some awesome titles stylistically. Splatoon 2, Zelda, and Mario Odyssey, to name a few.

Basically, nothing to write home about in the graphics department. Not by today’s standards, especially on PC.

It has been noticably polished on the character design though as well as the board designs. (Screenshots to come)


The soundrack is epic and pretty nice. 

Believe it or not, we’ve even got some VOICE ACTING in the cinematics (WOW Nintendo!). 

It’s overall a very nice presentation and the music never becomes noticable. Its a nice little background tune playing at various times, varying from intense to mellow depending on the situation. Happy with it.


Nintendo really did a great job in this dept.

There are seemingly hundreds of “spirits” to collect and level up during the adventure mode. Still have not gotten finished with the adventure, but hey, we dont get early copies of games!!

Hint hint Yamauci. Hook us up!


All in all, the game is a great and comprehensive addition to the Smash Brothers lineage. It is the deepest, mechanically best, and visually best entry to date.

We’re happy to finally be playing and will have hours and hours of fun with friends because of this awesome game.

Our rating

Out of a whopping 10 magic mushrooms, we give this one a 9.5

Stay tuned for more news and visuals on Smash Brothers, Ultimate.

Happy gaming friends.