Could This be the Pokémon Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Posted by Kevin

Ever since my generation picked up Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue as kids, we’ve been Pokémon addicted. Listen, I don’t care how old I get I will always hold Pokémon high in my heart. When I was a kid I was straight-up obsessed with Pokémon Red and I don’t use the word obsessed lightly. It was the first thing I did in the morning before school and I would often times fall asleep with the Gameboy in my hands. Ever since those days, I’ve always longed for a 3d version of those great RPG classics. The Cool thing is now we MIGHT have what I’ve wished for with Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Evee!

The Good

Well, well, well based solely on the trailer it’s tough to make out exactly how the gameplay would be, but we’ll do our best. The integration of Pokémon Go and Let’s Go Pikachu seems like a real idea even though I honestly can’t see myself getting that into it considering there’s just no way I’m searching for AR Pokémon…again. I’m not sure if you can use all of the Pokémon that you’ve captured on Pokémon Go or what the deal is, but nonetheless, it’s cool to have that just not be for naught.pokemon sweatpants gaming

The graphics look very clean and playable. It reminds me of the good ol’ days of walking through tall grass and having Pokémon jumping out at you to battle. Too bad you can’t actually battle, I’ll get to that more in ‘The Bad’ section.  The Switch continues to impress graphically showing that graphics isn’t all about the power under the hood of the console.

Co-op is definitely going to be a really cool aspect and I could see a lot of time being spent in this mode and it could be a nice mode if you’re looking to do something with a girlfriend or just looking for a casual gaming experience with a friend.

The Bad

My hopes were absolutely crushed when I learned you can encounter Pokémon, but yet not be able to fight them. The capturing system seems a just like Pokémon Go which is boring as can be. Not to mention it is dreadfully annoying too since a lot of times the Pokémon you’re trying to capture just runs away for no rhyme or reason. Like, isn’t that most of what Pokémon actually do, you know fight? I don’t know, but that was a major buzzkill in my eyes. It seems it’s not the mainline RPG that would mimic the ones of yesteryear that we’re all hoping for. With that being said they did announce that the mainline RPG will be out sometime next year!

So while it might not be exactly what I was hoping for it will still be interesting, so check it out right here Let us know your thoughts below!

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