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Review: Forged Battalion

Posted by Kevin

Forged Battalion – This is one of those games I checked daily to hear any update I could. I heard about it through a blog and was immediately intrigued because of Petroglyph and the rest of guys that were from the Command and Conquer series. Those C&C games are what got me obsessed with gaming. I always played video games, but then a friend introduced me to Red Alert 2 and I was instantly hooked. I played every campaign of every Command and Conquer game there was and then once I discovered they were introducing an online Vs. mode - it was all over. I remember staying up late and playing on computers that I had no business playing on. I’m surprised my ratty laptop would even play the game half the time and the other half of the time I dealt with connection issues, but those moments where everything worked together were almost magical. It was strategic like no game I’ve ever played before and sadly, probably, any game since. The game I was most addicted to online was C&C Generals. For me, it was due to the realism (I thought at the time) of the 3 squads, competitiveness online, and the overall feeling of building, gathering, and hopefully stomping your opponent when you know they’re trying to do the same to you.

What Forged Battalion does is captures all those feelings, except for the realism. The realism of specific factions being somewhat similar to their real-life counterparts, I can honestly do without, because of the customization of the entire faction. You can micromanage your faction down to very minute details such as added armor, different types of firepower, different movement types, and even different headquarters and super weapon upgrades. It’s a cool concept that levels the playing field for everyone. Some people have said that it creates for an unbalanced game since you have to spend research points to unlock certain tech features (not in the form of in-game purchases either thank goodness), but I must say I totally disagree. The game balances itself by making those top tech skills very expensive and slower to build. I’m currently on level 50, but even when I was in the 20’-30’s I was able to fairly consistently beat online opponents with a much higher tech value that I had. I must say, I had to adjust my strategy a bit to be quicker out of the gates, but I was able to hang around and not get stomped by the superior tech my opponents had. The biggest issue was learning to deal with rocket buggy rushes because one thing about this game is you can start accumulating an army super quick. After a few weeks, I noticed different strategies emerging. In my experience, I see a lot fewer lasers and plasma than I did in the beginning weeks of the game. People seem to be opting more for sheer mass rather than trying to save up and pump out the top tech. The other thing I noticed is that people have discovered that it’s about having a mixed bag that can work against multiple types of enemies rather just mass producing one as fast as you can. Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way – make sure you vary your units or you will get demolished real quick. One particular lineup I’ve found pretty successful is some combo of infantry – healers, anti-tank, light vehicles – machine guns & plasma, and heavy vehicles – artillery. Depending on the gameplay, rush, opponent, I’ll build up incendiary panes to get with the rest of the army. The light vehicles are really the heart of this build considering they take the front line and the 2 different types shred infantry and other light vehicles, while the artillery bombards the opponent into submission, and the healers hang in the back doing the unsung medical work. The meta will change many times and will surely change with each and every patch, so keep tuning your army until you find what works for you. There is also likely a ton more to be added especially when you take a look at the feedback on the steam forums. Some interesting things and ideas are being suggested, so we’ll see what the devs come up with. They will be dropping hove chassis' any day now!

Forged Battalion is the first game where I’ve felt complete control over my army since, well, you have a direct hand in creating it to suit your needs. I absolutely love that aspect of this game, and I think that when you get into it most other RTS fans will agree it’s a nice touch. The mechanics are great and easy to move around the map and navigate the battlefield. They slimmed down all the extra nonsense that can go on in other RTS games made it a very simple straightforward interface that won’t hinder your strategic capabilities. If you’re an RTS fan or even a MOBA fan I think this is an easy decision – get this game immediately and we’ll see you on the Forged Battalion battlefield!

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