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Fortnite Has Jetpacks Now and I’m Shocked I Don’t Hate It

Posted by Kevin

I’m not quite sure what this says about my personality, but nearly every new thing that Fortnite announces halo jetpacksmy reaction is usually a mixture of dramatically asking why and countlessly envisioning myself being killed by someone using these new items. First was the crossbow, then the mini-gun, then the guided missile system, and now the jetpacks none of them have broken the game, so maybe it’s time I start accepting these new items EPIC continuously comes up with.

With all that being said…Sigh. I’m not even happy I’m writing something positive here. I expected this to be sort of like the guided missile system which I said from day 1 it was a horrible idea, but I’ll be man enough to admit I was wrong about this one. I think honestly, I have, sort of, a PTSD from when the Halo series (and plenty of others) decided that would be a great idea to include a jetpack. I hope my sarcasm is coming through because that was pretty awful. Luckily Fortnite did something they couldn’t do right; they pulled off a fair and balanced jetpack.

Here's The Skinny

For starters, there’s a gas gage. This means you can run out of gas if you’re not careful and so far, judging by the videos there are a lot of people who are not careful. It does make for some funny falls. I haven’t fallen yet, but I’m sure I’ll have my day.

Secondly, you can’t go stupid high which is good. They are dulled down to what you might expect. In my opinion, they’re like a better version of hop rocks. They’ll go high enough to give you an edge on the competition but won’t allow for stupidity. It works well with the building component of the game because if you’re fighting someone who is building and find yourself with no materials you’re not dead in the water like you’d normally be. You can use your jetpack to gain an advantage or simply get out of dodge.

I’ll be honest I’m usually not one to follow trends and to get hype over every little thing a game or company does, but other than the guided missile system EPIC has really shown out and I believe is paving the framework for other companies to follow. Give the gamers what they request and good things will happen. Hopefully, we see more of this in the years to come.

As always please let us know your thoughts and grab a nice pair of sweats and relax. You earned it.

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