So Valorant is here… kind of. Its basically Counterstrike with powers from what we can tell from watching hours and hours of streams, which is what you need to do to unlock the game for yourself apparently.

We’re still over here waiting for that magic moment where Twitch blesses us with a beta access key for Valorant.

How long do you have to watch Valorant on Twitch before you can play the game yourself?

Nobody really knows and there isn’t a good way to figure it out other than watching stream chats and people who are getting them and giving little tidbits.

Officially, once you watch a stream for 2 hours you are eligible to get drops, but when you watch more, it “slightly” increases your odds.

This comes from one of TimTheTatman’s party mates saying this, so other than that we can’t vouch for its true-ness.

For a clue of what other players are saying:

I’ve seen 5 days, 12 hours, and 90 hours from various players.

Recommendations to make sure you are ready to receive your key:

  • Make sure your Twitch and Riot Games accounts are linked
  • Make sure your Riot Games account is set to the correct part of the world (i.e. Northeast USA)
  • Watch a stream of Valorant WITH DROPS ENABLED
    • Streamers usually have that right in the descriptions of their stream, but make sure you see the little message under their title which says Drops enabled!¬†Watch for a chance to earn loot. You can only earn loot on one stream at a time.¬†Learn more

Anyway, hopefully we get access to this game soon so we can bless you guys with that spicy content you know and love. We have alot planned coming up with this game and are going to be happy to get into something from the start and stick with it.

See you guys soon!