Session vs Skate 4

Is Session the skateboarding game that will replace Skate 4?

Posted by ThirtySix

We've all been waiting patiently for EA to throw us a bone. Unfortunately, though, there was no news of Skate 4 anywhere to be seen at the EA press conference at E3.

We thought that re-launching their online servers for Skate 3 was a good sign that we might get some kind of news, but no. They are still holding out on us.

Enter, Session:

From what seemed like out of nowhere, a French developer by the name of creā-ture Studios dropped a bomb on us. Check out the reveal trailer for Session, the new skateboarding sim coming to PC and Xbox One:

Looks prettttty good, no? We are fans.

Skateboarding Game vs. Skateboarding "Simulator"

They intentionally are calling this a skateboarding "sim." We can tell they are going for realism because the spot featured in this video is a real one; The Brooklyn Banks.

The Brooklyn Banks

This is the Brooklyn Banks. If you look closely, you can see this staircase in the intro video.

Pretty cool, huh?

We all know that the Skate games based their locations on real ones, but it looks like Session is taking it a step further and carbon copying iconic skate spots. Since they are  French, I wouldn't expect these locales to stop with Brooklyn. We would absolutely LOVE to see spots from all over the world.


This game looks like it could be what we have all been waiting for. Those of us who took to the blacktops and 10-stairs for hours on end in Skate 3 honing our skills and chilling with friends skating.

We hope the best is yet to come on this one and comment Crea-ture Studios for doing this for the world! We needed it!


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