Is the controller better than the keyboard for MultiVersus?

Posted by ThirtySix

It's an argument as old as time. Which is better, the mouse-and-keyboard or the controller? It depends on the player, on the game, on the genre, and a ton of other factors. When it comes to fighting games, the classic arcade-stick setup is often the "pro" way to play because of the quick inputs and the addition of a joystick, which tends to be how people like to move in these games.

I started playing MultiVersus on steam and have been playing mainly on that platform, so I started off just playing with the keyboard. I love the ability to input quickly with seemingly no input lag when using a mechanical keyboard. Still, I've noticed that most of the pros I see playing on YouTube use controllers, so I am considering getting over that hump to get more comfortable playing on the controller.

Which is better? Keyboard vs. controller for MultiVersus

I'll update you guys on my progress as I go through this weird change. I may also be competing in tourneys coming up soon, which will be streaming on my twitch channel, so give me a follow so you know when I am coming on!

Looking forward to settling this age-old debate once and for all!


It depends on you. For me, the keyboard is just way better. More responsive and accurate. The joysticks make some of the inputs messy to me. With Finn, for example, it's a lot harder to do the directional attack that I'm trying to do while in the heat of a match.

It's strange because I do see most of the pros that I see on YouTube playing with a controller, but many pros playing other fighting games like streetfighter choose to use arcade sticks, which is more like a keyboard to me.

The joystick just isn't for me. Maybe it's for you, and I ain't hating on that. If you want to settle this, hit us up in discord and fight me!

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