New Skins for Finn in MultiVersus (Our Favorite Ideas)

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Finn used to be used in just about every game of MultVersus when he had a backpack of absolute death and destruction and could spin his enemies into oblivion. He is less common now, and only the real Finn fans remain. He's still a main of mine and someone I plan to stick with through the good times and the bad!

We've seen the rollout of some new skins for Jake, Shaggy, and others but have yet to see anything new dropping for our boy, unfortunately.

In this post, we talk about some of the all-time best iterations of Finn throughout the series that we would love to see as new skins for Finn in MultiVersus as time goes on. Adventure Time is a perfect show to be morphed into a game. In fact, Minecraft has already done a collab with it in the past. It's a show about gear, adventuring, fighting, and deep, compelling storylines. Throughout the series, there are tons of versions and outfits for Finn that would make for great skins!

Flowing Hair Finn

The first time Finn took off his hat was a moment that became an instant classic. his luscious, flowing locks of golden hair need to make their way into MultiVersus. A little bit of well-done hair physics would make Finn a spectacle to behold as he flips around the stage.

Jake-Suit Finn

Jake-Suit Finn is one of the coolest versions of Finn from the show. Wearing Jake as a buffed-out tanky-looking version might make some issues with the hitboxes. Unfortunately, we feel that would hold the devs back from choosing this version of Finn unless they shrunk him down a bit to fit the normal Finn's form factor.

So far, it seems like none of the skins are changing the hitboxes, which is why we also don't think Fiona will be dropping at any point as a version of Finn. Even if they keep the hitboxes the same, it would be confusing.

Wizard Finn

Another classic version of our boy, covered in stars or just with the one big star. Either way would be fantastic.

Farmworld Finn, Mad Farmworld Finn, and Ice Finn

The Farmworld arc is one of the coolest in Adventure Time's 10 seasons. We lumped these all together into one because they're all Farmworld Finn. Personally, I think Ice Finn is the coolest, but any of these would be great additions for Finn Skins in Multiversus that fit his shape and size perfectly.

Flesh Pillow Finn

A little Viking-vibes Finn would be cool. It might not work because he's larger than Finn, which might make the hitboxes a little bit weird. We know hitboxes are a touchy subject on the internet regarding Finn. We don't want him getting nerfed again, so shhhhh.

Fire Suit Finn

Princess Bubblegum outfits Finn with this cool fireproof suit so that he can visit the fire kingdom safely. It shares the same form factor as Finn and fits pretty tight, so it seems like fire suit Finn might be a possibility of a new Finn skin for MultiVersus that wouldn't make the hitboxes weird at all!

Slime Finn

Another that shares the same form factor as ordinary Finn but looks perfect for a skin. Slime Finn is a drippy version of Finn. It kind of looks like the way they did Rick in Fortnite with the slime version, and it could work totally the same way. Maybe little dripping effects come off him when he makes his various charged attacks. That would be sick.

Fire Finn

This would be a great legendary skin idea for Finn. One of the coolest forms of him from throughout the seasons of Adventure Time. Visually stunning and powerful!

Egress Finn

Know what egress means? It means exit. Princess Bubblegum taught me that. Egress Finn would be a bit strange as a pick over some of the others but would still be a great, viable skin for Finn in MultiVersus.

Computer Animated Finn

One of the visually most remarkable episodes of Adventure Time, this computer-animated version of Finn and The Land of OOO by Ke Jiang would be an excellent addition to Finn skins.


Fern is not quite Finn, but a rival of Finn who also happens to match his exact form factor, making him a cool idea for an epic skin that changes the voice lines and animations, similar to the way the Cake skin for Jake does for him.

Metal Arm Finn (with Jake Hat)

Finn gets his metal arm toward the end of the original 10 seasons. At one point, Jake becomes a hat for him. This would be a cool way to put metal arm Finn into the game without it seeming like just a simple boring metal arm is being added.

Minecraft Finn

A collab of epic proportions that would certainly be a cool skin for Finn is Minecraft Finn.

We hope to see new Finn skins dropping in MultiVersus soon!

We haven't given up on our adventuring boy Finn and hope to see a bunch of these new skins added over time! We're patient, of course, and excited to see what the devs roll out in the coming months and years for MultiVersus, but we would love to see a few skins drop for Finn sooner than later. Many of them seem pretty straightforward, they fit his current body, and some would be a very simple recoloring with a few 3d assets added. Nothing crazy! 

Devs, lets get some Finn skins dropping!

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