Our first impressions of Morty

Posted by ThirtySix

Update: Morty is not complete trash. Standby for more.

So, Morty from Rick and Morty was added to MultiVersus. This long-awaited new character came on August 23rd, and he is... interesting. Morty is classified as a bruiser and comes with a kit of attacks and specials that have many on the interwebs claiming he's more of a mage in reality. We agree with that. He has a cooldown on almost, if not all, his special abilities. The problem is that he doesn't do the crazy damage or knockback with his abilities the way Bugs and Tom and Jerry do. It seems he's in need of some tweaking. This post goes over our first impressions of Morty as a new fighter in MultiVersus.

Our first impressions of Morty in MultiVersus are honestly that he's pretty trash. He has some interesting moves, and it's certainly possible that a meta playstyle for him will come out, being that it's only been a day or so, but even so, right now, we've had very little issue handling him in 1v1 and 2v2 and we've also had a very hard time winning in 1v1 and 2v2 playing as him.

Then again, this is how we felt about Iron Giant in the first weeks of MV and people have certainly learned to play him much better. We're always open to updating our take as things progress, updates come out, new metas emerge, and so forth.

How to finish with Morty

His lack of finishers and low damage output make him a quizzical addition to the MV roster that will likely require further tweaking. From our playing of Morty so far, it seems his up air and his down air are his best and most consistent finishers. The third attack of his combo when he brings out Hammer Morty also has some good knockback, though it also has pretty low damage for something that is so difficult to land because of his really long combo frame count. It's very easy to dodge out in the middle of his combo, and it takes him what feels like an eternity to get that last move off.

There is an alteration to the combo where you can use a whip instead of Hammer Morty, so maybe those extra frames are there for you to decide what you want to do. Even so, it is at the expense of making his combo very usable. You can also charge the final attack, so it seems like almost a separate attack from his combo entirely, though this is a new combo mechanic compared to any other fighters.

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