Our first impressions with super smash bros ultimate

Posted by ThirtySix

It is finally here. the day is finally upon us where we can jump back into the world of smash and beat the bloody hell out of our friends for our own amusement. We've been anxiously awaiting our opportunity to get our hands on this one. 

Gladly, i can say that Super Smash Brothers Ultimate did not disappoint.

Lets start off with what we're sure is the moist important to everyone here...

Combat System

You're not going to find any groundbreaking changes here, but then again, is that what you wanted? probably not. 

The combat feels cleaner and slightly more sped up than its predecessors (that we can remember). There have been many over the years, but we can say for sure that the combat is notably faster than it was in the previous installment for the Wii U (remember that thing?).

We've also noticed that punches and kicks seem to land with more force than they did in previous games. I have been able to knock people and CPU players off the board around 100% to 150% health, which seems a bit less than needed in previous games for a KO. 

Of course, board size factors into this, as well as margin sizes. Some boards have notably smaller "margins" before you will be blasted off the map.


The graphics seem to have been cleaned up, but it isn't like you can see every pore on Kirby's ... skin ... is it skin?

It's what you would come to expect from Smash Bros. and Nintendo in general. Jaw dropping graphics have never been something they seem to hold higher than their gameplay and mechanics, though Switch has had some awesome titles stylistically. Splatoon 2, Zelda, and Mario Odyssey, to name a few.

Basically, nothing to write home about in the graphics department. Not by today's standards, especially on PC.

It has been noticably polished on the character design though as well as the board designs. (Screenshots to come)


The soundrack is epic and pretty nice. 

Believe it or not, we've even got some VOICE ACTING in the cinematics (WOW Nintendo!). 

It's overall a very nice presentation and the music never becomes noticable. Its a nice little background tune playing at various times, varying from intense to mellow depending on the situation. Happy with it.


Nintendo really did a great job in this dept.

There are seemingly hundreds of "spirits" to collect and level up during the adventure mode. Still have not gotten finished with the adventure, but hey, we dont get early copies of games!!

Hint hint Yamauci. Hook us up!


All in all, the game is a great and comprehensive addition to the Smash Brothers lineage. It is the deepest, mechanically best, and visually best entry to date.

We're happy to finally be playing and will have hours and hours of fun with friends because of this awesome game.

Our rating

Out of a whopping 10 magic mushrooms, we give this one a 9.5

Stay tuned for more news and visuals on Smash Brothers, Ultimate.

Happy gaming friends.

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