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It's Actually Impressive How Much I Don't Hate the Thanos Game Mode in Fortnite
For starters, I'm typically someone who resists most trends coming down the pike and try to stay true to the original in most cases. I'll be honest when I first heard about this Thanos game mode and immediately rolled my eyes. Yes, just like a high school girl and if  I'm being honest there was probably groan in there too. I just couldn't imagine it not being some annoying, cheesy game mode that I'd play once or twice and then never to be played again. I thought Fortnite was just going to start taking on promotions left and right, and they eventually might, but hey if they're all this good - why not? Well, I will admit I was wrong. That's usually a tough thing for me to do because I'm a pretty headstrong dude. EPIC knocked it out of the park again, they decided to speed up the circle and the storm and they also decided to make the storm much more deadly. I could be slightly off, but it's roughly -10 health every second or so. All this means they force you to fight and fight right off the bat. If you survive the initial craziness, you'll find yourself squaring off with the Mad Titan himself Thanos! 1v1 you can just about forget about trying to take him down yourself. Unless the person grabbing the gauntlet is just whack as hell and has zero awareness of course. The thing is you can't even rely on pot shots from a distance because as soon as he gets a sight of you he'll jump across the circle and thunder punch you into your grave. Thanos The best aspect of this game, in my opinion, is the feeling of everyone teaming up on this OP titan. One game I played, the gauntlet fell in Tilted Towers and it was at this point I've never seen more bullets flying at any other point in playing Fortnite. It was borderline hysterical. There was basically an unspoken bond between us non-Thanos players do whatever we can to we to take him down. We did actually take him down pretty quickly, I'd love to claim like I did a ton of damage myself, but I'm not sure with only one snipe for about 40ish shield damage I can say anything at all. Nonetheless, I survived the first couple of run-ins with Thanos and eventually made it to top 10, but sadly Thanos didn't take mercy on me. Anyway, kudos to EPIC I feel like they simply can't miss right now. Any type of complaint or suggestion at least gets tried or implemented. Their community interaction is seriously unmatched. I think they are fully paving the way in that department. Take notes everyone else! Here's a link to perhaps my favorite example of community interaction good ole' Orange Justice. P.S Here's to hoping for a Superheroes game with character creations and fighting style modeled just the way they did for Thanos.    
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Random gaming conversation between two nerds ep. 1
Just a random conversation related to gaming where we talk about Fortnite's new Infinity War game mode and then get into God of War being a little bit of a let down in a few ways. We also talk about how revolutionary Batman: Arkham Asylum was and how nobody ever really gives it the credit for that that it deserves. Our podcast will be launched pretty soon, guys! Stay tuned for more. If you like conversations like this,,, there will be plenty to come. We are getting more and more into the idea of starting a podcast as time goes on. get in touch with us and let us know if that is something you would be into or if you would rather have videos. I'm sure podcast vs. video is a debate that we are not the first ones to have by any means! Enjoy this random gaming-related conversation. Sweatpants Gaming logo tom infinity war later? I'm going to try to get on even tho i have a shit load of work to do in preparation for my show lol kevin Wait infinity war or fortnite lol tom fortnite infinity war you dick kevin Lmaoo tom Well either way,,,, i am going to try to get a few games in idk how it is even gonna work tho if it is Solo only like,,,, will they even let you play with friends idk kevin Doubt it think it's just solos tom we used to do that in PUBG tho when we had more than 4 we would all just queue at the same time and it usually worked lol .... we used to have like 9 man squads and shit it was hilarious we would all just wear a redshirt shirts ** kevin Lmao I'm sure it has a good chance of working We'll go default skin lol and be in a party tom yeah..... that actually sucks if its only Solo but it wouldn't make sense not being solo kevin Imagine duos "Yo hide ill brb just got Thanos gonna clean out an entire city" tom lol i saw he can like jump and then smash down to earth it looks crazy but like what are the chances of actually finding the infinity gauntlet gauntlet** kevin yeah idk probably very rare lol the only good thing is since we bought the battle pass we have missions in solos tom yeah i think i've actually done most of the week 1 missions kevin and i honestly never play solo tom i pretty much always do when nobody is on rather than matchmaking with noobs kevin lol honestly i usually just play a different game i get very little excitement out of solo gaming at this point unless its a strategy game I'm even struggling to go back to god of war which is ridiculous tom i finished god of war --- it was a bit of a grind for me towards the end too.... there weren't enough different enemies... felt like they just threw every possible combination at you throughout the game. i don't think i would have rated it a 10 honestly its a great game but it wasn't like fucking amazing throughout the entire experience some of it got boring kevin I'm honestly kind of tired that LITERALLY every single player game now is an RPG tom well yeah they all have RPG elements but God of War always did kevin true idk first time playing the series but like games like that i feel like i want to put a lot of time into to level my guy how i want etc. and the time aspect just isn't worth it much rather jump on fortnite, heroes, 2k quicker competitive type stuff tom yeah in a single player game the motivation to get through to the end and get your guy looking cool is less because nobody even sees it lol kevin yeah and honestly any game with RPG elements i feel like they just get easier as the game goes along bc of the shit you unlock tom skyrim was the one exception but i played that at a different stage in my life i don't even know if it'd be as into it now yeah god of war not so much tho lol it was pretty hard throughout kevin true like they're all objectively sick, but like how many can you really play tom i never stopped to grind or do side quests to it stayed hard kevin i put mad time into Fallout 4 tom yeah fallout was sick i got through alot of that too kevin yeah i went o.d for a while tom i probably didn't even finish half of the game lol I don't even know i tried that survival mode when it came out it was retarded hard but fun kevin i finished the main story line 2x 2 different factions but never touched the DLC which i paid for smh yeah that survival mode was pretty brutal totally unforgiving lol tom yeah i definitely did not finish the storyline even one time i was interested but somehow just stopped playing idk kevin well my suggestion if you ever do it as the underground guys i forgot their name so sick busting out of the main lab from the inside tom oh the synths kevin rather than the brotherhood that just destroy that shit from the outside not nearly as fun yeah the synths forgot their name \ tom yeah... my issue with the whole game is that i find it too easy... you can just like hide in a corner and kill everyone without getting hir if you just find the right spot kevin the breakout was so dope bc you literally stock up from within and hatch this crazy plan lol tom either that or you get hit with a grenade and just die without any warning kevin yeah lmao or you're walking and a giant ass monster hits you with one swipe game over lol tom that's just a pitfall of all sandbox type games tho the glitchiness kevin yeah Bethesda is known for it at this point tom I didn't finish farcy either kevin that's why Zelda might literally be the best game ever created tom zelda was good because it left you actually wanting more it never got stale they got the length right kevin sandbox as the rest of them, but not one glitch in sight tom if they would have condensed god of war it wouldn't have gotten stale either it was too long kevin as much as a love the game I never even finished it lol i got to do that I'm almost done yeah like no one wants to fucking grind after a certain point tom yeah like after a while your just throwing enemies at me to prolong the game just get to the fuckin point kevin exactly lol tom was a good game,,, but overrated you would have though you got a fuckin real life blowjob at the end of it the way IGN was ranting kevin yeah i mean i didnt get to that point, but it just feels like other games to me and honestly i rather play zelda lol yeah lmaoooo tom it could have been just too hyped up like..... when you give a game a 10 it better be fucking flawless kevin they did get the graphics and visuals right, but eh even the fighting system was kind of stale to me felt like the batman games tom they all feel like batman kevin hit like 1-2 buttons over and over tom batman invented the fighting style that 90% of games use kevin which drives me crazy bc i hate it lol tom nobody ever really credits batman with that lol those games were revolutionary in that way kevin one button smashing with a directional counter tom and they were fuckin mad fun kevin yeah they were really dope when they first dropped but its overdone at this point tom yeah well everything is overdone..... nobody creates anything original anymore its all just regurgitated trash ps2 was the golden age of original video games kevin it's true and just lazy tom even n64 too after that theyre just riding the wave of good games and re-releasing them to death like make a fucking new game kevin thats why hey say what you will about fortnite they try a whole bunch of different shit and add unique elements yeah i feel like they ran out of control schemes and shit tom yeah even tho they werent relevant until they completely bit off pUBG but they are totally different so its acceptable we were mad hyped and bought Fortnite and it was straight garbage in the beginning lol kevin pubg also bit off of poor h1z1 that's FINALLY getting a console release they have a battle royale mode with all cars kinda sick lol yeah i know man i was soooooo hype that mode at least in the beginning was such trash tom yeah ive never played H1Z1 but i guess thats usually the story .... the popular shit is usually a rip off of something unknown that came before it could be said about pretty much anythign they'll just tell you they were "inspired" by it kevin I think the story goes with battle royale it was like DOTA or one of the mobas that just a had a mod
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Fortnite: Be Prepared To Be Thoroughly Pissed Off
I've got to be honest, I've been on board with nearly every update they've put out. I mean, at least to me, it really seems like Epic has fun with their product. Now with that being said - what were they thinking with the latest update?! I appreciate the fun and goofy style that has gripped millions of gamers, but I also genuinely appreciated the skill it takes to reign supreme in Fortnite. With this latest guided missile system, the only skill it takes is to hide long enough to drive your missile around until you find someone an absurd amount of distance away and kaboom! they're dead. I'm just hoping that they make it super rare because there's very little skill needed to be good with this. Even the famous YouTuber "Ninja" put up a clip winning a match using it. The clip went something like this - The unknown player works hards to get the center of the circle and starts to build up their base for the final showdown. All the while Ninja is laughing and hiding under something knowing the inevitability of what he's about to do. Then just as the unknown player is building his fort...a guided missile comes rocketing through the air, twisting and turning along the way right to its final destination several feet from the player and causing a kill with splash damage, not even a direct hit. I would've freaked out honestly. This weapon just seems so cheesy to me and I'd hate to see this game take that route. I included the trailer, so you guys can take a look for yourself. Let me know below if you agree or disagree!
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Review: They Are Billions
Man, am I addicted to this game right now. It isn’t exactly the typical game I’ve been into recently, but I must say I am hooked! “They Are Billions” is a real-time strategy game which will really make you think. It has a simple concept at the surface – don’t let the billions of zombies invade your settlement, but of course, as any good RTS, there are plenty of elements which make this a difficult task. There are multiple resources which you will need to gather for your community to flourish some of those are wood, stone, and iron just to name a few. They are intricately designed, so you can never truly pump out the same product – at least in the early game. The game is well thought out. Once you get your industry rolling then you can really plan your strategy of how to defend yourself and last the predetermined amount of days. A typical game lasts a 100 days, but if you’re really a pro you can take a more challenging length. The reason the game is so challenging is that one tiny slip up and the game is over. I will admit that it will sometimes leave you feeling empty, since typically you’ve just poured an extended amount of time into setting up your settlement, and boom within seconds all your beautiful colonists are running around as zombies as you see your hard work just come crumbling down. However, if you’re anything like me that is just a challenge to get better the next time you fire up the game. If you’re into strategy games this is a must buy in my opinion. It’s not just the strategy that makes it worth it, it’s also the cool art that this game brings to the table – check the screenshots below to see for yourself. Grab a nice pair of sweats, sit back and defend those colonist’s lives! Let us know your thoughts below!
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Review: Forged Battalion
Forged Battalion – This is one of those games I checked daily to hear any update I could. I heard about it through a blog and was immediately intrigued because of Petroglyph and the rest of guys that were from the Command and Conquer series. Those C&C games are what got me obsessed with gaming. I always played video games, but then a friend introduced me to Red Alert 2 and I was instantly hooked. I played every campaign of every Command and Conquer game there was and then once I discovered they were introducing an online Vs. mode - it was all over. I remember staying up late and playing on computers that I had no business playing on. I’m surprised my ratty laptop would even play the game half the time and the other half of the time I dealt with connection issues, but those moments where everything worked together were almost magical. It was strategic like no game I’ve ever played before and sadly, probably, any game since. The game I was most addicted to online was C&C Generals. For me, it was due to the realism (I thought at the time) of the 3 squads, competitiveness online, and the overall feeling of building, gathering, and hopefully stomping your opponent when you know they’re trying to do the same to you. What Forged Battalion does is captures all those feelings, except for the realism. The realism of specific factions being somewhat similar to their real-life counterparts, I can honestly do without, because of the customization of the entire faction. You can micromanage your faction down to very minute details such as added armor, different types of firepower, different movement types, and even different headquarters and super weapon upgrades. It’s a cool concept that levels the playing field for everyone. Some people have said that it creates for an unbalanced game since you have to spend research points to unlock certain tech features (not in the form of in-game purchases either thank goodness), but I must say I totally disagree. The game balances itself by making those top tech skills very expensive and slower to build. I’m currently on level 50, but even when I was in the 20’-30’s I was able to fairly consistently beat online opponents with a much higher tech value that I had. I must say, I had to adjust my strategy a bit to be quicker out of the gates, but I was able to hang around and not get stomped by the superior tech my opponents had. The biggest issue was learning to deal with rocket buggy rushes because one thing about this game is you can start accumulating an army super quick. After a few weeks, I noticed different strategies emerging. In my experience, I see a lot fewer lasers and plasma than I did in the beginning weeks of the game. People seem to be opting more for sheer mass rather than trying to save up and pump out the top tech. The other thing I noticed is that people have discovered that it’s about having a mixed bag that can work against multiple types of enemies rather just mass producing one as fast as you can. Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way – make sure you vary your units or you will get demolished real quick. One particular lineup I’ve found pretty successful is some combo of infantry – healers, anti-tank, light vehicles – machine guns & plasma, and heavy vehicles – artillery. Depending on the gameplay, rush, opponent, I’ll build up incendiary panes to get with the rest of the army. The light vehicles are really the heart of this build considering they take the front line and the 2 different types shred infantry and other light vehicles, while the artillery bombards the opponent into submission, and the healers hang in the back doing the unsung medical work. The meta will change many times and will surely change with each and every patch, so keep tuning your army until you find what works for you. There is also likely a ton more to be added especially when you take a look at the feedback on the steam forums. Some interesting things and ideas are being suggested, so we’ll see what the devs come up with. They will be dropping hove chassis' any day now! Forged Battalion is the first game where I’ve felt complete control over my army since, well, you have a direct hand in creating it to suit your needs. I absolutely love that aspect of this game, and I think that when you get into it most other RTS fans will agree it’s a nice touch. The mechanics are great and easy to move around the map and navigate the battlefield. They slimmed down all the extra nonsense that can go on in other RTS games made it a very simple straightforward interface that won’t hinder your strategic capabilities. If you’re an RTS fan or even a MOBA fan I think this is an easy decision – get this game immediately and we’ll see you on the Forged Battalion battlefield!

Let Us Know What You Think Below 

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Another New Weapon Update 2.4.2 Fortnite: The Crossbow

The Crossbow

Back here to talk about another update (2.4.2) from Fortnite. Last time it was the minigun which has proven to be a force out on the battlefield. That beast shreds through enemies forts with ease and you don't have to reload, so the destruction just keeps coming. Now, this time around they've introduced the crossbow. They definitely have different objectives, but both are definitely good additions to the battlefield.


The crossbow is interesting because it uses unlimited arrows. Yup, you read that right. No more having to worry about ammo if you master this bad boy. There is a bit of an arc on your shots, so be aware of that when you're launching these into that shakey fort your opponents built over at retail row. On the positive side of things, it's great for creeping up on players. There's no gunshot to be heard, so fire away without giving up your position. It's definitely fun, and anyone who likes to be stealthy will surely add it to their arsenal. Be on the lookout for those arrows, out there.


The crossbows can seemingly found everywhere, but they definitely are found as ground loot commonly, as well as Rare and Epic versions as well. If you're interested check the full patch notes you can take a look here.
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Fortnite 2.4.0 Update - New Minigun Weapon

The Fortnite Minigun - Update 2.4.0

So you may have heard that Fortnite is releasing a new update and we're just as excited as you are to try out the new minigun they've been teasing. This thing looks sick, I mean what miniguns aren't sick really. Be prepared to do some heavy damage with this thing. From what we're hearing it'll great for just decimating your opponents buildings and mowing down a whole squad in one oversized clip! We're only going to talk about the minigun because honestly, that's the only thing most people will care about in this update, but if you're interested and seeing what the rest of the fuss is about here are the Patch Notes.

Our Take

This is a welcomed addition to the battle royale. Some are donning Fortnite minigun as a new, more high-powered assault rifle, but I don't feel like that does it justice. Some of this is speculative but based on the patch notes and what we've heard  - it is poised to change the game stylistically. Instead of most weapons forcing you to be somewhat tactical this beast will allow you barge right in and make for some unwanted guest in your opponents fort! Get that bad boy spinning,  which will take a second, and then do your damage. There are a few things about the minigun that we don't have to speculate about which are where to get one, the ammo it uses, and its fire rate. First off, you can find them in chest or supply drops, so, unfortunately, they won't be just lying around any ol' place. Secondly, they will fire just under the fire rate of an SMG. The last is most surprising in my opinion, I figured the minigun would use medium ammo, but it'll use light ammo which might be a good thing since you're going to need a lot of it. As far as we've heard it still isn't live, which is pretty whack considering it was supposed to drop nearly 2 days ago, but we'll just have to be patient and let Epic Games do their thing. They've delivered in the past and they will continue to do so. Good luck out on the Fortnite battlefield.      
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A Game of Thrones video game is coming out soon, kinda...
After watching the first few episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO, I decided to read all of the books because I felt like I couldn't tell any of the characters apart (right?!). I'm so glad I did. They ended up being the best fantasy series I've ever read. Sorry, Harry. I'm also an avid gamer and love all things video games. If you are anything like me, you've been hoping and wishing for a Game of Thrones video game to come out. It would be so much fun to live out that series playing as the heroes, or even playing as a soldier, right? And we know the Telltale Games Game of Thrones is a thing. We just don't feel quite as fulfilled directing a narrative as we do crushing someone's skull in with a longsword. Sorry, not sorry. Turns out, we are going to be getting our wish. But not quite in the way you might think.

Enter Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The first time I heard of this game coming out was today as I was surfing the pages of Reddit, and I'm so glad I did. Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises to deliver a medieval fighting experience the likes of which has never been seen before with unrivaled authenticity. You can think Skyrim, but without the fantasy aspects and with more realistic physics, and more versatile combat. Check out this video for a better idea of what I mean:

A Game of Thrones Mod for Kingdom Come

According to DSOG, Deliverance is going to be getting a Game of Thrones total conversion mod. The dev team over at Seven Kingdoms had already been working on a mod for another game but is going to move the project over to Deliverance, which promises a better gameplay experience true to the series. Not quite a Game of Thrones game, per say, but still a Game of Thrones game as far as I'm concerned. I probably wouldn't be picking up the game otherwise, to be honest, but now I'm incredibly hyped for the release. This mod is promising a full-blown, fully immersive, Game of Thrones experience. Complete with all of the armies that we know and love, as well as the heroes depicted perfectly. The storyline is going to probably remain the same as the experience you would get playing the base version of Deliverance since it is just a mod, but I'm totally fine with that, personally. Shoutout to the team over at Warhorse as well as CryEngine (the engine this game will be running on) for all of the good work making a game that is a perfect canvas to paint over with Game of Thrones goodness.
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Our first impressions of Monster Hunter World
Let's start by saying that I've never played a Monster Hunter game before this one. Monster Hunter: World was my first. This is a good thing because I was able to go into it without any kind of preconceived notions, bias, or anything like that. That being said, let's get the first impressions I had with the game. Monster Hunter World is an open world monster hunter game set in many different, distinct locations. From arid deserts to valleys and lush forests, Monster Hunter has it all. All of the locations have their own set of monsters, smaller animals, and pest level bugs and rodents. The map feels totally alive. I remember distinctly fighting a large monster (name) in the middle of the desert. The monster charged, knocked down a giant mound sticking our from the earth, and millions of little bugs came running out. At that point, I knew the world had been filled with life and was literally teeming with it everywhere.

The good

Image result for monster hunter world armor sets

Monster Hunter crafting system

Can I just say one time... FINALLY! I'm going to start with the crafting system because, to me, it was the most groundbreaking, refreshing crafting system I have ever seen in a modern game. Wow,... a crafting system that requires you to just pick up a few different things clearly based on the different monsters you are hunting and items in the environment. After just one kill, you will be able to make a few pieces of armor and after just a little bit of looting, you will be able to craft some weapons. They didn't skimp out on the armor sets either. There is a set for just about every monster I have slain thus far, as well as represented by the different ores you can mine and many of the other smaller creatures that fill the environment. Developer (name) did a great job of making the crafting simple, yet rewarding. They cut out all of the little filler items you would need in a game like World of Warcraft and just let you craft based on the raw essentials. It's so easy. It's so good. Dev (name) is also generous with the number of coins and other in-game currency that you will need to get it done. It feels like a game that you buy and you got completely without them holding anything back. I don't know if they learned from some recent catastrophic microtransaction drama in the recent past (link), or they just genuinely care about their players and feel they should have an "unlocked" game from the start. THANK YOU!

The Combat system

Again, I have never played a Monster Hunter game before so I'm not sure how much of this is still the same from previous games. This might not all be as groundbreaking as I think it is. But I think the combat system is great too. There is diversity. You can choose from about 20 different weapon types; all with their own stats, difficulty levels, and purposes when playing as a team. They feel balanced and grounded. They have many different combo moves that can be learned and honed to become an elite monster killing machine.

Co op gaming

Playing with your friends is one thing. You've played with them a hundred times. But let me tell you, there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting your butt kicked by a monster, shooting up a flare, and watching 3 random hunters run in and start beating the hell out of it. Its hilarious, helpful, and gets you through the toughest times in a way that feels like it should be part of the game story-wise. The one downfall of the SOS Flare is that it kind of makes the game too easy. Rather than being killed, I run off, fire the flare, and await my reinforcements. It can take the mortality out of your faceoff with a fantastic beast.

The bad


My one gripe about the game By no means am I a developer. I have no right to talk about what is and is not possible from a development standpoint in a game like this, but I can complain anyway, right? That is our right as citizens of this country to complain about anything we want at any time unless I read the constitution incorrectly. But, I digress, the one thing I can't stand for this game is the clipping. It is constant. Your weapon clipping into your armor, you clipping into enemies, your armor clipping into... your other armor. I'm sure some people don't mind it, but for me, it destroys the immersion to some extent. It's hard to get really mentally and emotionally invested in a game when you can see your sword poking through your cape and it just looks weird. Not to mention that is the view you have in this game literally 100% of the time. I don't know... This probably isn't a big deal to some people, but to me and some other members of the team, it is. We can't stand clipping! If you are a fan of the JRPG genre then you may have grown numb to it by now, but as a tried and true fan of many amazing games, I know some developers *cough, Naughty Dog, cough, cough* have figured out how to stop this from happening.

The verdict

Is this game worth grabbing for a nice, sweatpants induced weekend of gaming? All clipping aside, yes it is. The game is great. If you are into technical combat (think Dark Souls meets Horizon) then you are in for a treat. If you just enjoy collecting, crafting, and seeing your little avatar rock the coolest gear, then you are in for a treat on that front as well. sweatpants reviews
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