Playing Zelda: A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Guide

Posted by Kevin

There are many good fighters to choose from but one that I always find myself going back to in Ultimate is Zelda. Why? I'm not quite sure why. I've never had any desire to play her in the previous games, nor am I a huge fan of Zelda in general (other than the breath of the wild) but that's totally beside the point. If I had to say one reason it's because of her potential. Let's just start with nearly every special move she has can kill. There's a good reason for this, they're all skill shots to some degree and can be difficult to pull out in the middle of a crazy fight. In my opinion, she is a high skill, high reward type of fighter. I think she's worth the time to master.

Zelda is a nice combination of being quick, strong, and has range. She can tend to seem a little light, but she's not as light as the lightest class of fighters, so she'll typically hang around well into the 100 %s. Her quick dash attack works very well and I'm a fan of her movement. Also, the teleport is amazing in terms of screwing with opponents by bouncing around so quick your opponent won't know what to do with themselves. She can recover really well too, so movement and recovery are hugely good in my opinion.

Attacks and Specials

With Zelda, you want to keep some range between you and your opponent. Most of her specials (B moves) are ranged other than her down B which is nice to have since it reflects, and also can be used to gain some distance if your opponent is right on top of you. Keep that in your bag until you need it.

I tend to typically play her similar to Samus. Control a zone and don't let anyone in, and if they get in chances are I'm trying to inflict some damage and then running and holding onto another zone.  Maybe you all play her differently, but that's what works for me. Don't get me wrong she's more than capable of melee fighting I just think her range is what makes her so appealing. Not only does she have a lot of range, but all of her ranged moves can be a kill shot.

Neutral Special (B)

This is the reflect I mentioned before. It can be deadly if reflecting projectiles, but also to give yourself some space. I probably don't use it as much as I should. It's definitely effective in a lot of situations. Sometimes one of my issues with Zelda is that I can't keep people away at times and this is the best to do so with her so you can get back to her projectiles.

Side Special (Right or left + B)

For Zelda, she has a really good projectile. It's easily my favorite projectile in the smash universe. It's hard to see, quick, and explosive. I've ended so many matches with it it's honestly comical at this point. I love when my opponent thinks they have the upperhand only to be blasted off the map by her fire ball. I'm honestly not sure whe the mice stems from, so maybe someone could help me out there. All I do know is how devastating it could be on the battlefield.

Up Special (Up + B)

This is honestly probably about 50% of the reason I use her at this point. Her up B is her teleport. Now when i first used her i honestly thought it was more like Mewtwo's teleport; which is great for mobility, but doesn't do any damage. I can't tell you how wrong I was because this thing is deadly.

Once you really master the distance and timing it can become a royal pain in the ass to defend against. How do you defend when you can't see it coming? Some opponents can sense it and hold block,  but if you're any decent that turns into an instant grab or a smash attack. My advice objective with it so much until it really is second nature. It's extremely useful and so satisfying when your opponent thinks the coast is clear only to be blasted off the stage. 

Down Special (Down + B)

One of more unique moves in the game, in my opinion. If you hold it for its full charge it can be a deadly finisher, but if you release earlier the knight won't be fully built and will attack with a quicker move such as a kick rather than a sweeping sword attack. Eeither way it's cool and useful. I use it to keep my zone clear often because many people don't want to charge in when they see the knight. I don't blame them.

Knights armor

Strengths and Weaknesses

She is the skillshot queen. She's tough, crafty, and is highly underrated. I usually give myself a challenge character to get good with and this year it's her no doubt. I've had a lot of fun getting to know her and will continue to get better with her. At the time of writing this she is my current highest GSP character.

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