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Posted by Kevin

Do you remember those point and click adventures from when you were a kid? We’re talking the likes of Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, and Spy Fox. The real OGs of the point and click adventure game genre. Those games that were so epic when you were a little kid. Your parents loved them because they were able to shut you up for a few hours in the pre-tablet era.

Even as time went on, games like ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ were created to port that kind of experience over to the adult crowd.

Aside from those big, well-known titles, there are indie game studios still in love with the genre who are breathing life back into the point and click adventure in new and interesting ways. In particular, we have been given an exclusive look at an upcoming game called ‘SOL705’ (pronounced “soul-705”)

SOL705 blends the point and click adventure genre of games with comedy, 90’s nostalgia, and mystery with a modern twist.

First Impressions

When we first got our hands on the game, we noticed the classic 8-bit style with a modern twist. Gone are the days of the old school limited 8-bit art style for this game. This is more closely related to pixel art as you’d see surfing the art subreddit. Its simple, yet complex and totally beautiful. We’re big on visuals here at SPG, in-case you haven’t caught on!

SOL background

The backgrounds are crafted from what seems to be a mashup with photography and digital painting. They look totally cool and make cruising around the SOL705 world interesting and fresh. The way the characters can interact with them makes them feel fluid and dynamic even though they seem to be 2D images.

The characters are all well-designed and you will find yourself rooting for them to solve the mystery at hand. The entire story takes place over 7 days since you’ll (the main characters) have to get back to school, but the gameplay will make you want to solve it as fast as you can!


Without ruining anything we can safely say something strange is going on in the town. The story takes place in 1974, so you’ll be jumping back in time for this adventure. Some people in the town are starting to act super strange and then animals are acting even stranger, so you’ll have to get work asap to figure out what is going on here. It honestly reminded me a bit of Stranger Things, let me know in the comment section if you agree there. Along the way, you’ll meet some interesting characters and they share some similar archetypes we have seen in sci-fi before; there are the adventurous kids,  crazy mad scientist, and some new takes on the genre. This fact just makes it that much more enjoyable because you’ll find yourself relating to those character types we know and love.

SOL pizzaeria


We’ve already established that this is a point and click adventure type of game. Your primary interactions will be to examine, talk, pick up, or use the different people and objects in the environment. Don’t worry the interactions and dynamic feel of navigating the town will keep the game feeling fresh.

Verdict - SOL705

Though we were only able to play a brief demo of the game, we already see some real promise in this newcomer to the point and click adventure game genre. If you’re into narrative-driven games that don’t require a ton from you in the skill department and rely more on puzzles and thinking, you’d probably be a fan. If you are into solving mysteries, then you are in the right place with SOL705.

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