You may have seen or read about the 0 percent Richter kill combo online as we did,  and we were curious to see how it all went down. So,  on the surface it seems to good to be true, I mean imagine starting the fight and within a few moments your opponent blasts you off the map after a very quick combo which KOs anyone at 0 percent. You’d be left saying “but, but, but… I had 0%,” I don’t know about you,  but I’d be pretty pissed so I wanted to see just what it really takes to pull this combo off.

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On the surface it doesn’t seem like much,  but it’s all about the timing. The way you do it is jump, use holy water on your opponent, jump again and throw your cross, use the down kick, have them be hit by the cross, down kick again and then uppercut them to send them to their death. The hard part is obviously landing each one and also the timing with the axe. If all doesn’t go exactly as planned you may still have a decent combo but not the auto kill like intended. The crazy thing is it’s really quick you can see it here in Zeros video who is probably the most recognizable player on the smash scene. He does it in practice mode and it’s not the easiest you’ll notice him miss it once or twice before actually completing it. Definitely seems like it would be tough to land mid-fight, so proceed with caution if you’re planning jumping to it and trying this online it against friends.

After doing our research we’re pretty surprised this combo is that strong,  but also glad it’s really hard to pull off. Also even though I’ve seen Richter be very high on some tier lists I personally haven’t seen much of him online. I’m really happy this doesn’t seem like some game-breaking type of thing. In my opinion, if you can pull it off more power to you. I think he had a lot to offer with his moveset and is a good addition to the smash bros universe.

If you think you can pull this off let us know at @gaminginsweats on Twitter.