Is APEX Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is APEX Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

In typical Battle Royale fashion, APEX Legends might be the latest installment to come to the Nintendo Switch post-launch. With a tweet earlier today by GameSpot, it seems likely we will see it for Switch in the near future.


Here’s everything we know about the upcoming release of APEX for Switch (Not much, at the moment.)

When is APEX Legends coming to Switch?

There has been nothing said yet by Respawn other than the image of Wraith in what looks like the dumbed-down graphic style of switch – similar to what you see in the Switch version of Fortnite.

Is APEX going Cross-Platform?

There have been rumblings going on about APEX Legends going cross platform. It has seemingly also been confirmed by Respawn, who says they were at the very least entertaining the idea of the game going cross platform.

As usual, the hurdle is going to be the consoles more than anything else. Maybe this will be when Sony finally comes around to the idea of cross-platform play, but that seems somewhat unlikely.

It hasn’t been long since Sony famously rejected cross-platform play for Fortnite, but you never know. Maybe they’ve had a change of heart!

The release of APEX for Switch will be as good a time as ever for the Battle Royale newcomer to go cross-platform.

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New Characters coming soon with the APEX Legends battle pass

New Characters coming soon with the APEX Legends battle pass

Apex Legends has been out for a couple of months now,,, or so it feels. We’ve got a pretty good grasp and become pretty good at what it has to offer combat wise and ability wise.

If you feel like you can’t find the perfect character, the good news is on the way. Sources tell us there could be as many as 11 new APEX Legends characters on the way via the Battle pass which drops March 12 as well as after.

If you love Apex as we do, there will be plenty of new content to come! Maps, characters, and lord knows what else.

“Octane” looks like a few of his cousins were left behind in the Borderlands, perhaps?”

It seems Octane is going to be the newest addition to the APEX Legends lineup, with many gamers speculating he will drop as part of the battle pass next week (March 12th, 2019)

APEX Legends Octane abilities list and guide coming soon

There is going to be a ton of content on the way regarding not just APEX but Octane. We will be publishing a full guide on all of Octane’s abilities, information, and playstyle.

Is it fair to assume he will have some kind of explosives, kind of like the psychos in Borderlands? Maybe a grenade launcher? We can imagine it, but it’s unconfirmed.

We will be updating this post ASAP with new info! Stay tuned

We’ve got a fair amount to cover with Octane, the potential ninth character to enter Apex Legends’ colorful and diverse roster of heroes. To skip to a particular section, simply click on any of the links below to be brought straight there.thanks for reading,

Octane release date – when will Octane be added to APEX Legends?

Most of the community feels that he is coming to the lineup March 12th along with the brand new (and probably not cheap) APEX Legends Battle Pass!