Yes, you read that correctly, I am going to make a case for Reindog being the best support character in Multiversus. Sorry Velma and Steven Universe fans, but it’s true. Although, with the way they have been updating patches you never know who will be nerfed to the ground next week. At the time of writing, Reindog just received a slight buff, but nothing over the top.

Reindog is the only fully original character from Player First Games, so I was interested to see what he was all about. I can't lie I wanted to hop on the game so I can use characters that made me nostalgic, but there was just something about the Reindog's kit that made me want to keep playing him. If you want to know his story take a look here.

The way I’m going to explain this isn’t by bashing any of the other supports too much, but rather by gas Reindog up to the point of him being a mythical figure. Here are 3 reasons why I believe he is the best support character in Multiversus.

1. Reindogs Dominant Save

We’ll start with the most dominant saves in the entire game. There are a few other characters that have a similar, but far less effective type of save as Reindog. For example, Wonder Woman can use her lasso to grab and pull her teammates back to safety. Also, Morty has a move that pulls in a similar way. The thing is - Those are much harder to land, and also not as drastic. Reindogs save is easier to pull off, and as an added bonus you can pull your teammate across the entire map. If you land this at the right time it very well be the difference between winning and losing.

If there is one downside to it has to be that it can be hard to focus on while in the chaos that is a Multiversus matchup. Most games feel like an actual looney toon episode, there are things flying all over the place which makes it a bit harder to focus on it when you’re running for your life.

2. Great Aerials

For what looks like a pleasantly plump reindeer mixed with a dog, Reindog can really move in the air. I would definitely consider him a very “floaty” character. With this being said, he’s not really the fastest mover in the air, but he will cover a good amount of ground and have a few different options of attack. 

We’ll start with Reindogs spike and down aerial. This is something you must master as a Reindog player. Not only will this get you a lot of kills off the stage, but it will also give you a lot of kills towards the middle as well. In general, it is one of his best kill moves no matter where you are. It should be used early and often. It has a big hitbox, breaks shields, and can be charged, giving you an extra punch when needed. As a helpful tip take a look at the pictures below this is about where you should start your down aerial for maximum effectiveness. Reindog needs a little bit of time to complete his revolution for his down aerial. so make sure you account for this.

Reindog also has an aerial side special which is one of his better knockout moves. This move is a bit slow moving and can be punished from time to time, but it’s necessary to learn. It is pretty straightforward, but you can direct it around better than a lot of people think. I suggest going into the lab and just figuring out the movement and range of the move. 

3. Big Damage

One of the more interesting things about Multiversus in my opinion is that their support characters aren’t exactly built to heal, or just shield, but many of them do a ton of damage. Now, this does come with a trade-off it can be more difficult to kill. With Reindog and Velma, they can use their projectiles to rack up huge damage while mostly staying out of the fray. Because of this fact they are best paired with an assassin or a high-damage mage type who can help get those knockouts when their damage is up high.

We will quickly go over just how the Reindog racks up so much damage: 

That will be all for now, but we'd love for you to get in contact with us and let us know what you think. You can join our discord and become part of the sweatpants crew. One last thing, be sure to check back to our blog here.

Looking for the best character to put your time and effort into? Our MultiVersus tier list will give you our recommendation on that. We rank every character in MultiVersus from S through to D (best to worst). This may change over time, but for the time being, this is how we feel!

We're not pro gamers, we're casual gamers who have been playing this game like it is going out of style! You may disagree; you may even be right. This is just our opinion.

MultiVersus tier list

Below, you can find our rankings of all the MultiVersus current 16-character roster, ranked from best to worst, S to D.

S tier

MultiVersus Tier List - A Tier

B Tier

MultiVersus Tier List - C Tier

D Tier

Let us know on Discord how you feel about our rankings. It hasn't been long, but this is the way we break down the different characters here. Written and agreed upon by a Jake the Dog main and a Taz main, so take it with a grain of salt and a beatdown!!!

Why does she have the same moveset as Peach?

For starters, I'm currently addicted to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, so don't take this the wrong way, but it really mashes my buttons that Peach has the same moveset as Peach. It got me thinking why? Is it because they're both girls? Or maybe because they wear a similar dress? Or maybe because Nintendo was being lazy? I'm not sure which of those it was or whether it was something totally different, but it really bothers me that Nintendo would choose to do this.

Notice no Daisy

I think my biggest issue is Peach has a moveset that pays homage to her Super Mario 2 days, such as floating or the turnips which are fine in and of themselves however Daisy has them too and she wasn't in the friggin game! Does Daisy just float around because Peach taught her some cool trick? It's just not right. I'm all for her being put in the game, I mean she is the more levelheaded of the two princesses, well, I would think due to getting captured less over the years, but what do I know. I just wish she had her own moves. They could've paid homage to her playable appearances in Mariokart or Mario Tennis, but nope we got the lazy same moveset as Peach.  

I'm not sure about the exact differences, which are incredibly minimal, but they could've made it at least like a Pichu/Pikachu type of thing where one is more robust, but has a flaw. I'd even settle for like one or two moves being different such as Mario and Luigi, or the Villager and Isabelle. Well, all we got with this is essentially 14 Peach skins. You give us this nonsense and no Waluigi Nintendo what gives?

Rant Over. Until next time on "What Mashes My Buttons" (working title comment some suggestions below if you think you have better.)

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How to Play Inkling in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings a huge library of fighters for you to choose from. One of the fan favorites from the batch of new fighters in this game is Inkling - a cute little squid looking thing that inks enemies and dips below the ground when dashing, dodging, and reloading (which you have to do).

Here is our first ever Smash Bros character guide for your viewing pleasure. We present our official Inkling guide:

Attacks and Specials

Everything you do, shoot, and splat with inkling revolves around the ink that gets all over the place and on enemies as you perform your smash attacks and specials. They all apply ink in one way or another.

The ink doesn't only annoy your enemies, though. When covered in ink, your enemies will also take more damage from your attacks. Pretty cool!

Your ink tank will deplete as you use the moves that apply ink. Once that runs out, you can refill by pressing B when totally empty. If you want to refill during a pause in the action, you can do so when not empty by shielding (L or R) and pressing B.

Attacks with Inkling are super fast and can lay out the damage pretty fast when you're landing your attacks. Inkling's dash attack is one of the best and they can be hard to see when dashing because of their animations. Landing dash attacks can be pretty easy when done correctly. Their jab combo is also one of the best around. It applies ink and can do tons of damage.

Neutral Special (B)

Inkling fires his/her gun like a machine gun, damaging and inking enemies in the path. You can control the direction of the stream by tilting up and down on the stick. Inked enemies take more damage from attacks.

Overall, we don't use this move a ton. It can be good for some quick damage and ink, but usually, there are better moves to be using!

Side Special (Right or left + B)

Inkling's side special pulls out the paint roller and runs in the direction you activate it. It can be done in the air for a quick way to get across to your opponent, giving them less time to react. When you hit enemies with the roller, they will be dug into the ground and stunned until they shake themselves out.

If you circle back and hit them with the roller for a second time, it will smash them, sending them flying.

It could just be us, but we find it a bit hard to put the roller away for some reason. It could be something that will be getting patched, but as of now, it sometimes takes us 2-3 presses of B before inkling will put the roller away. A bit annoying when fighting good players when every second matters and response times are so short.

Up Special (Up + B)

Inkling goes into squid form and shoots upwards. One of the best recoveries in the game in our opinion and it can do some damage and box enemies out upon landing. It does no damage until landing and isn't a great damage move in general - the usual trade off for being such a good recovery.

Down Special (Down + B)

Inkling throws an ink grenade at a variable distance that will explode after a few seconds, causing damage in a large area around the explosion and applying ink. You can extend the range depending on how long you hold B.

If you just tap the button, Inkling will do a little lob, throwing the grenade right in front of him/her.

This move is variable, unpredictable, and can do some serious damage. Since the splash is large, it is pretty easy to hit with. We love using the short distance throw in close combat with someone. It adds an extra thing for them to have to block and is usually unexpected.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Inkling's greatest strengths are speed and agility. If you're into fast fighters like Greninja or Shiek, Inkling will probably be a good fit for you. You should move around a lot, pull off many dash attacks, and leverage your speed as much as possible when fighting, especially against slower fighters like Ganondorf or Bowser.

Of course, if they do catch you, your going to get launched like a potato out of a rocket launcher, so be careful!

Ink supply is something you have to worry about a lot with Inkling and make sure it is always as full as possible. Putting your shield up and then hitting B will let you refill at any time, so use your speed and get to an open spot to reload or wait for a lull in the action like when you blast someone far away or KO them.

When fighting Inkling, keep them pressured. If you stay on top of them they wont be able to reload and will be weaker without their special abilities like the grenade and roller. Their smash moves also won't be as strong when they are short on ink, so keep that pressure on!


Generally, you just want to stay on the move with Inkling to keep yourself safe and get those dash attacks in as much as possible. You can pretty easily combo someone from there with inklings relatively straight forward aerial attacks. The up aerial attack is especially useful when trying to just add that little bit of damage to an already flying enemy. It has some pretty good power to it, too, so you can sometimes get that up smash KO out of it.

Use mobility to your advantage while dodging and dashing around the arena. Keep enemies at bay or disrupt a fight with a well placed grenade, sending 2 or more enemies flying and confused.

Keep your eye on your ink meter and use the best opportunities to refill. The best times are when other enemies are fighting each other, get KOd, or are just far enough away that you can reload. You don't have to fully reload every time!

That's pretty much all you need to know!

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