We've been able to get our hands on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4... and so has everyone else. We don't get advance copies of games for PS4 yet ;(

But anyway, the game is pretty amazing on all levels that I (Tom) can tell. Let's break it down with a few categories:


First things first, the art of Sekiro.

The game takes place in a feudal japan-looking, snowy, mountainous landscape. The buildings are very typical to those you would find in feudal Japan. The ridged rooftops you've seen 100 times in games that take place in this time period - one of my personal favorite historical eras.

The graphics go for a very realistic, somewhat gritty feel and i think they nail it right on the head. It looks good.

The graphics style kind of reminds me of Metal Gear if you wanted to compare it to something aside from Dark Souls. It's kind of hard to describe. It's stiff and rigid, but in a good way that helps it feel more realistic.

Overall gameplay

If you love getting fuckin absolutely destroyed over and over like the sick sadistic person you are then this game will butter your biscuit for sure.

You will fight your way to each checkpoint and when you finally get to it there is no feeling quite as good.

The punishing combat and stiff difficulty really make each fight feel like it holds weight. I really enjoy that kind of thing in my games so that works for me. If you're more into the easygoing narrative type of game or like the idea of participation trophies, this game probably isn't your speed.

Combat System

If you've ever played dark souls or any other game by this developer, you pretty much know the deal. Honestly, you can identify this combat system in a way more games than that. Seems every adventure game has pretty much been biting this the style of Japanese and super gangster developers From Software

Wielding the razor-sharp katana of a badass shinobi has never felt quite so good. Dodge, roll, jump and slash your way across feudal Japan fighting everything from samurai to some pretty friggin scary monsters if I do say so myself.

The last good ninja game we had was that game from like 10 years ago called "ninja" or something like that. Way too lazy to look that up right now but you know what I'm talking about.... That game was fire.

The fighting is ruthlessly punishing, as you'd expect from a game made by the guys who brought you dark souls.


One way that Sekiro is better than Dark Souls lies in the movement system. It's never felt quite so good to jump in one of these kinds of games. You have control of your character in the air and can use aerial attacks and grapple to high places. The stealth of the game is one of the most viable ways to play, which is pretty awesome if you're into stealth kills and sneaking around.


The stealth gameplay in Sekiro makes for a pretty awesome change of pace when comparing to dark souls. You can move through bushes while crouched to remain undetected like a real shinobi would do it. You can also pull off some crazy looking kills on the people you pounce on, stabbing your katana through their throat or skull and watching the blood shoot out. Extremely satisfying.

The blood gets on you too and splatters on walls, etc. Im a big fan of violent games and movies, so this really did it for me.

More to come

If you're into Sekiro and want to see more, lock in to Sweatpants Gaming and wait patiently for us to drop some new stuff. It's always on the way.

We've been making tons of improvements to our platform in preparation for that sweet sweet viral piece of content we have coming pretty much any way now.

Stay rocking those sweats my guys.

[SPG] Tom



thrilledYay. Another one, I don’t know how many people out there will feel the same way, but I’m honestly just tired of Call of Duty titles. It could be a combination of a few things maybe it's my teenage years Halo over COD bias, the abundance of COD titles over the years, or the stale state of COD games for about the past 10 years. In any case, as I read through the countless reviews and speculations of BLOPS 4 I can’t hide my indifference.

Usually, I get excited about most game releases even if it’s one I know I won’t play because I want to check out a specific game mode or some aspect of the game. Or I’m just interested in the route the game is going. Now, I have to admit, I wasn’t even mildly excited for BLOPS 4. Personally, I feel like COD has just run its course.  Anyway, here’s my brief first impression.

First Impression:

OMG yes! They are adding a battle royale mode! And wait they’re really going to add a 5v5 with tactical roles? No freaking way! One thought go through my mind when I heard and read these types of comments, like, just really? Is it not enough to take one popular game mode, you really must try and exactly mimic 2 of the most popular games from the past few years? Are they really going to do it better than Overwatch & Fortnite/Pubg? I have my doubts.

BLOPS 4Hey, listen, I get it – you have to adjust and grow with the times, but how about some originality? Some of you are probably rolling your eyes at this point because whatever most games take aspects of other and make it their own. There’s no bigger example this year than Fortnite and Pubg, but in my opinion, it was a great opportunity to truly use Fortnite’s build system already in-game fighting mechanics. It adds a full new dynamic to the mode. Now, sure COD will undoubtedly throw some new twists into the fray, but it just doesn’t seem genuine to me. Who knows? It might surprise me, but it’s safe to say I won’t be overly anxious to get into this one.


What are your thoughts? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, If you like what you see here please consider becoming a contributor by dropping us a line here! 

The Fortnite Minigun - Update 2.4.0

So you may have heard that Fortnite is releasing a new update and we're just as excited as you are to try out the new minigun they've been teasing. This thing looks sick, I mean what miniguns aren't sick really. Be prepared to do some heavy damage with this thing. From what we're hearing it'll great for just decimating your opponents buildings and mowing down a whole squad in one oversized clip!

We're only going to talk about the minigun because honestly, that's the only thing most people will care about in this update, but if you're interested and seeing what the rest of the fuss is about here are the Patch Notes.

Our Take

This is a welcomed addition to the battle royale. Some are donning Fortnite minigun as a new, more high-powered assault rifle, but I don't feel like that does it justice. Some of this is speculative but based on the patch notes and what we've heard  - it is poised to change the game stylistically. Instead of most weapons forcing you to be somewhat tactical this beast will allow you barge right in and make for some unwanted guest in your opponents fort! Get that bad boy spinning,  which will take a second, and then do your damage.

There are a few things about the minigun that we don't have to speculate about which are where to get one, the ammo it uses, and its fire rate. First off, you can find them in chest or supply drops, so, unfortunately, they won't be just lying around any ol' place. Secondly, they will fire just under the fire rate of an SMG. The last is most surprising in my opinion, I figured the minigun would use medium ammo, but it'll use light ammo which might be a good thing since you're going to need a lot of it.

As far as we've heard it still isn't live, which is pretty whack considering it was supposed to drop nearly 2 days ago, but we'll just have to be patient and let Epic Games do their thing. They've delivered in the past and they will continue to do so. Good luck out on the Fortnite battlefield.




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