Let's get the talk going about a new graffiti game? Where they been at? With all of these amazing single player games dropping, you figure someone would breathe life into the genre.

Don't get me wrong. I have a ton of respect for Graffiti Kings and the other super artistic games on Oculus. I'm an artist myself and love any opportunity to create. I'm talking about a story driven game devoted to dirty dirty street art, though. That's what I'm dying for!

Marc Ecko's graffiti game for PS2

Marc Ecko's ' getting up' has a very special place in my heart. It came out sometime during high school when i was doing some of my peak gaming and having a ton of fun. It was a game that gave me a taste of the graffiti life that i had been tempted by so many times. I had so many friends into bombing. It seemed like everyone did it back then.

I have a bit of a bias there, for sure. I am an artist and love all things graffiti, but I'm sure there are people out there who loved this game regardless! I would hope so.

And let's not forget our friends here...

That's right! You can't tell me that you owned a Dreamcast and didn't play the hell out of this game! Well... actually I think my Dreamcast came with the game... so... yea. But still... This, Crazy Taxi, and Power Stone (OMG remember Power Stone?!) were the heavy hitters for me as a kid on Dreamcast. That was pretty much before the internet as we know it, too, so you had to learn about new games by word of mouth when you were a kid. Pretty crazy!

Mentioning the prolific and groundbreaking likes of Jet Set Radio almost makes me want to boot up the crappy iPad version. That game was and still is a visual masterpiece. If you were into couch single player then you were no doubt playing this game in its prime. It was one of the Dreamcast's premier titles throughout its lifetime (even though that was way too short.)

I had loads of fun with this game unlike the kind of fun i can remember having with any other game recently. I would LOVE to see another installment using an updated movement engine for the skates.

To wrap it up...

I just want to take a quick moment to pray to the almighty gods of gaming that we may be able to see a game like one of those very soon. We need a new narrative-driven graffiti game. They were great games and there hasnt been a good one in far too long.

And before you even start,.... no... Subway Surfers is not a graffiti game! Get the hell outta here!

I want some nitty gritty, cop chasing, crime committing street art action in my life again soon!!


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