How to Play Samus in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings a huge library of fighters for you to choose from. One of the originals Samus is still a beast when used right. Some tier lists shy away from her on the top tiers, but honestly, I completely disagree. She is easily one of the more well-rounded fighters there is. She has a ton of range, while still being a great fighter up close.

This is a guide of how I play her, but feel free to leave comments if you think you have some other strategies with her. Samus is currently my highest Global Smash Power Rating or GSP, with Lucas being right behind her.

Attacks and Specials

Here's the thing about Samus, distance is always preferred even though you can hand out your melee beatings just as well with her. I consider her more of a zoner than anything because if the opponent leaves me be, I can absolutely pick someone apart from distance, and if you charge me the strategy is to deliver a few blows then regroup elsewhere.

One nuance to Samus is always trying to have your shot charged. It can be tough sometimes because it does leave you vulnerable, so what I suggest is take advantage of K.O's and other times when your opponent might not be directly on top of you. We'll get into that later, but it's a great weapon to have handy whenever you may need it. With that being said, if you are versing her be sure to be mindful if Samus has her shot locked and loaded or not. It could be the difference in the game. You never run out of power or anything like Inkling , so shoot as much as you please.

Neutral Special (B)

Like I stated earlier make sure the shot is charged whenever you possibly can. It is a great way to finish opponents not only from far away but even up close when they least expect it. I can't tell you how many people I've launched with a shot from feet away. The shot is more about deception than anything. Lull your opponent to sleep, make them forget that you even have it charged and then boom, see you later!

The only thing to be careful with this is that some characters have reflects and/or absorb moves that can neutralize this big time. I'm not saying don't use it, but you must use it wisely. A few notables are K. Rool, Mario, Zelda, and many others. I think of it as having an ace up your sleeve.

Side Special (Right or left + B)

Samus' side special is really good IMO. Some people don't care for it as much, but I think they can be so useful when trying to keep up the pressure on someone or trying to keep a distance.

There are two types of missiles that get shot randomly. One is a homing missile and the other is a more explosive straight missile. Both have their uses and Samus shoots them quickly, so it is nice to have in a lot of different situations. It's even possible to launch people with the straight shot which is always a plus in my book if you can launch someone from a distance.

Up Special (Up + B)

Samus' Up B is awesome quite frankly. It is a great recovery and has a lot of launch power by itself. It's great to use if your opponent is flying downward because it can keep popping your opponent in the air for a punishing juggle. What is also cool is it's super quick and fairly simple to hit.

Down Special (Down + B)

If anyone says this move is useless they're simply not a Samus player. While this is one more that has no launch ability whatsoever it is one of the most important things you can master as a Samus player. Her Down B or "bloops" as I've heard them called before are essential to controlling your opponent. Got a pesky opponent who keeps spamming the dash attacks? Drop a little "bloop" for them and they'll have to be more cautious the next time.

Also, cool sidenote which has been in the game since Melee I believe is they can be extremely useful in getting back on to the board. While in mid-air you can navigate through the air by hitting yourself with these "bloops" to get an extra boost to get back on the stage.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I think her greatest strength is just how well balanced she is. If she didn't shoot anything I'd still use her and that's what I hate about some of the backlash going on with her. Some will disregard her as someone who just shoots stuff, but she's so much more than that. Her dash is great and her grab is one of the best because it has great range. Don't miss or else you're left vulnerable, but needless to say that with most moves in the game.

Another helpful hint is to use the hell out of Down + A. It's super quick and has a launch power. It's great when fighting up close. This can even start a combo if you're quick about it because it will pop them in the air.

The only weaknesses she may have is the number of projectiles with no other smash specials. This can come back to bite you when you're versing someone with a great dodge or reflect. While she's good hand-to-hand, there are certainly better out there.


Pick a zone and hold it down. If they let you sit back torture their life with projectiles, but if they charge you be ready to lay the smack-down and then later regroup back to safety and recharge your shot. Once you charge up, poke the bear until they charge you and repeat the process until the percentage is high enough to launch them off.

Don't forget your "bloops" aka Down+B, and use your grab as an offensive weapon to create space for yourself.

Good luck out on the battlefield! Hit us up on Twitter @gaminginsweats if you want to show off your new found skills.

So, we've been playing a ton of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in the recent days and weeks since it first came out, but we have been a bit confused regarding the Global Smash Power (GSP) and what is a good GSP compared to what is a "bad" one. Also, what is it and what does it mean?

We put together a little bit of content here to break it all down and explain it the best we could at this time. We will be updating this post as more information and developments arise.

What is Global Smash Power aka GSP?

Global Smash Power is a metric used in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to rate players based on how well they play with different fighters. Each fighter will have a different GSP rating that is changing based on how you do in compeitive multiplayer matches. They judge each fighter separately to give you a chance (in theory) to get better with each champion and match with people who are around your skill level with all of the different fighters.

It is a great idea (again, in theory) but it has yet to be proven as a valuable metric or ranking system.

What is a high GSP (Global Smash Power) in Ultimate?

This is a matter of some debate, but we have figured out that somewhere around 2.6 million becomes elite for most champs.

The problem with this data is that the scale seems to be sliding, meaning as more people play, the average GSP goes up and, therefore, the GSP needed to hit elite goes up with it.

We will keep making updates to this post as things develop to let you guys know what and where you should be to hit elite. It's different depending on the player base growth rate as well as the character you play and how many other people play those characters.

To be honest, it's a pretty solid way to rate players. It's starting to grow on us.

Keep smashing, ladies and gentlemen. And keep tuning in to SPG for the latest!

What do people think of GSP?

We made a quick post on Reddit to ask people what they think is a "high" GSP since the lack of leaderboards tells us what a "good" score is to have.

have been floating around 1.8 million GSP with my better champions like Cloud and Inkling. I have champions I play less well, coming in anywhere from 250k to 800k GSP depending on the champ.

What is a high GSP? from r/NintendoSwitch

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