Fortnite has quickly taken over the video game world for all ages. The player customization, diversity of game modes, replay system, and the simple yet addictive battle royale concept are genius innovations that other games haven't completely tapped into. Or have they.

Where It All Started

As an athlete and sports games were always an easy draw for me. A competitive, trash talk filled NBA 2K, Madden, or FIFA game was all I needed, but in 2007 the release of Halo 3 changed everything. Side Note: It still has the best theme music ever. Don't believe me? Just check out this beautiful viral rendition of it and tell me you didn't get goosebumps. Now back to the post, FPS quickly took over my gaming world along with everyone else. With arguably one of the greatest storylines in gaming, everything from the campaign, to Xbox live play was entertaining. One of Halo’s first innovations was combining the two. Halo 2 was one of the first non-PC games that you can play the campaign with friends online. Along with an assortment of online game modes.

Now when I look at the all popular Fornite I can't help but notice that a lot of the aspects that make the game extremely popular and fun were done by the Halo franchise, and to be honest, I think Bungie and Halo did it better. Let's start with the customization aspect. Fortnite allows you to purchase or unlock multiple skins, pickaxes, backpacks, etc. without giving a tactical advantage to the game. I'm sure you've heard or read the following - "These items are cosmetic only and grant no competitive advantage." The statement alone has become a meme. Halo 3 allowed customization of your Spartan Soldier or Covenant Elite, with different armors, helmets, etc. also without giving a tactical advantage in the game. Although you could always tell the good players from the bad based on their soldier. I was running from a flaming Hayabusa armor wearing Spartan soldier just as fast as I'm running from a John Wick/Omega.

Another aspect of Fortnite is its limited time game modes. Boredom is not an option when they give you an opportunity to try new styles of play such as all legendary guns, 50v50, or even the sponsored infinity gauntlet Thanos game mode. Halo was far ahead of its time with an identical aspect of limited time games modes such as the all popular SWAT, shotty/snipes, rocket race, etc. It was a genius idea to not only create diversity in the game but to test new game modes to see popularity and possibly make improvements down the road.

Halo 3When it comes to professional gaming or streamers a game replay mode is imperative to their work. One of Fortnite’s biggest updated added a replay system that you can see full gameplay from different angles and multiple perspectives. This, being a great addition, hs come with many flaws and bugs that are supposedly getting fixed. Nonetheless, it is a great feature, but let us not forget the Halo theater mode. It was a steamers wet dream. Halo 3 and its theater mode was such an innovation as it sparked a youtube channel Machinima dedicated to making productions like shows and mini-movies from Halo 3 gameplay. if anything Halo 3’s replay mode was the one aspect that was far before its time.

All in all, I'm not trying to take away from Fortnite's success, however, what I am doing is attempting to put things into perspective for an internet that seemingly has a very short memory. While yes, Fortnite is doing a ton of things right they're not the originators of many of their ideas. It doesn't make them bad, or biters or anything like that let's just put some respect on Halo's name. Love live Master Chief, and no not that friggin' imposter that 343 claims to still be Master Chief.

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