I've got to be honest, I've been on board with nearly every update they've put out. I mean, at least to me, it really seems like Epic has fun with their product. Now with that being said - what were they thinking with the latest update?! I appreciate the fun and goofy style that has gripped millions of gamers, but I also genuinely appreciated the skill it takes to reign supreme in Fortnite. With this latest guided missile system, the only skill it takes is to hide long enough to drive your missile around until you find someone an absurd amount of distance away and kaboom! they're dead. I'm just hoping that they make it super rare because there's very little skill needed to be good with this. Even the famous YouTuber "Ninja" put up a clip winning a match using it. The clip went something like this - The unknown player works hards to get the center of the circle and starts to build up their base for the final showdown. All the while Ninja is laughing and hiding under something knowing the inevitability of what he's about to do. Then just as the unknown player is building his fort...a guided missile comes rocketing through the air, twisting and turning along the way right to its final destination several feet from the player and causing a kill with splash damage, not even a direct hit. I would've freaked out honestly. This weapon just seems so cheesy to me and I'd hate to see this game take that route. I included the trailer, so you guys can take a look for yourself. Let me know below if you agree or disagree!


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