Man, am I addicted to this game right now. It isn’t exactly the typical game I’ve been into recently, but I must say I am hooked! “They Are Billions” is a real-time strategy game which will really make you think. It has a simple concept at the surface – don’t let the billions of zombies invade your settlement, but of course, as any good RTS, there are plenty of elements which make this a difficult task. There are multiple resources which you will need to gather for your community to flourish some of those are wood, stone, and iron just to name a few. They are intricately designed, so you can never truly pump out the same product – at least in the early game. The game is well thought out. Once you get your industry rolling then you can really plan your strategy of how to defend yourself and last the predetermined amount of days. A typical game lasts a 100 days, but if you’re really a pro you can take a more challenging length. The reason the game is so challenging is that one tiny slip up and the game is over. I will admit that it will sometimes leave you feeling empty, since typically you’ve just poured an extended amount of time into setting up your settlement, and boom within seconds all your beautiful colonists are running around as zombies as you see your hard work just come crumbling down. However, if you’re anything like me that is just a challenge to get better the next time you fire up the game. If you’re into strategy games this is a must buy in my opinion. It’s not just the strategy that makes it worth it, it’s also the cool art that this game brings to the table – check the screenshots below to see for yourself. Grab a nice pair of sweats, sit back and defend those colonist’s lives! Let us know your thoughts below!

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