Seems out of our scope. doesn't it? Well... believe it or not some of us here at Sweatpants Gaming have OTHER JOBS! Tom's other job is SEO, so he follow along with all of these different Google trends in an attempt to stay up to date with the ever changing world of search engine marketing. 

Interestingly enough, the new change announced today by google is going to affect the way streamers (and streaming services) can tag up their web pages to better communicate information about Streamers to search engines.

Still have no idea what we're talking about? Thats ok.

Basically, there is something called Structured Data that developers can add to a web page to better communicate with search engines what the page is about and to get a chance to have Rich Snippets show up in search results pages.

Have you ever gone onto google to look for a hotel and noticed that some of them have 5 stars under their name and some have nothing at all? That's beacuse some are using structured data and some aren't

What does this mean for streamers?

If you're a streamer and you live stream all the time, Google is going to add a nifty little "live" button to your search engine results when someone searches for you. Here's what it would look like.

This little "live" badge on your video thumbnails will help people realize you are streaming live so that they can watch you game in real time. 

Nothing super crazy here, but changes in Google rarely are. Let me tell you, though, they add up.

Good news for newbies?

We know the biggest streamers in the game probably have teams of peopel who are all over this kind of thing, but we assume thee vast majority aren't.

This could be the kind of thing that gives our technically gifted gamer friends a chance to hit the streaming scene. We are considering adding a page to our website about it!!

Would you tune in to watch us be riddled with bullets over and over? Because we're all terrible.

For more on algorithm changes that affect gamers, keep it locked in right here to Sweatpants Gaming.


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