Looking for the best character to put your time and effort into? Our MultiVersus tier list will give you our recommendation on that. We rank every character in MultiVersus from S through to D (best to worst). This may change over time, but for the time being, this is how we feel!

We're not pro gamers, we're casual gamers who have been playing this game like it is going out of style! You may disagree; you may even be right. This is just our opinion.

MultiVersus tier list

Below, you can find our rankings of all the MultiVersus current 16-character roster, ranked from best to worst, S to D.

S tier

MultiVersus Tier List - A Tier

B Tier

MultiVersus Tier List - C Tier

D Tier

Let us know on Discord how you feel about our rankings. It hasn't been long, but this is the way we break down the different characters here. Written and agreed upon by a Jake the Dog main and a Taz main, so take it with a grain of salt and a beatdown!!!

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