Wait. What? I think pigs are flying, nope that just the Command and Conquer Series getting a remaster from EA.

Posted by Kevin

Say what you will about E.A, trust me I'm not their biggest fans either, but if they deliver on this then I will be eternally grateful. This is something that I gave up all hopes on years ago. I have tried to get into to other RTS games, but none add up to the OG Command and Conquer series in my opinion. If I'm being honest the Command and Conquer series truly gripped me like no other game before and no other game since. I remember going to friends house and him playing this game for hours on end, but I honestly usually just hung out with our mutual friend and played a different game while he would soak hours into what turned out to be Red Alert 2.

Ugh, so much nostalgia. 

After making fun of him for days on end, I finally decided to really take a look at what he was playing. I liked the premise which is basically just war but thought it looked too complicated and immediately wrote it off as something I'd never actually enjoy playing. It would creep into my mind every so often I would think about checking it out, but it took me roughly 2 or 3 months of seeing my buddy play it and be insanely hooked, so I said screw it and let me give it a go.

I went out and purchased the game and came back to attempt to download it on to my laptop. I say attempted because I quickly realized that I didn't have the juice to actually play it. This pushed me to into a hobby of mine which is building or otherwise tinkering with computers. I was able to get a case and some hardware from my old desktop. I asked for a few parts for Christmas and then I put it all together and it all magically worked. I was finally able to really give this game a go and was super excited to try it online as well to see how I stacked up to the competition.  

I'll be honest I wasn't really that great at first. If you've ever had any experience with real-time strategy games you know they take a lot of hard work and dedication to become great at them. Not only is there usually a top meta involved but with a game like C&C there were multiple armies and a ton of different units and characters to learn. As a curious person, I love learning about the varying differences in each unit and in each army. 

It probably took me until C&C Generals to get really good online. I used spend hours upon hours waging real-time wars in my bedroom late at night when I should've been sleeping. I would like to see a remastered Generals in the worst way, however I don't think it's in the cards this time around. From what I've read they are releasing two remastered titles one is the first Red Alert ( which I'm really excited about) and Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. Both were amazing, but I have to admi t I always felt the Red Alert titles added an amazing storyline ontop of the already amazing gameplay. 

The Americans are ready to go. Generals was THE game.

All in all, I'm super excited and wanted to share how I got into it in the first place and I hope we'll hear some stories from you guys about how you got started in your favorite games or favorite genres. I can't wait to be back out there on the digital battlefield! Also, if you want the information from the source itself here it is. 

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