We were wrong about Morty... He's a beast.

Posted by ThirtySix

Gotta say I was totally wrong about Morty with our first impressions of Morty for Multiversus post. To be fair,,, I also should not have been making any kind of post on Morty's kit in Multiversus just to do one quickly without even getting him to level 10. Live and learn. Won't be doing that again with ANY character current or new until I have them up to level 10 and have messed around with their kit enough to at least get a few wins under my belt and try all their main perks.

His kit is fun, fast, and confusing as hell for your opponents, making him kind of a trixter, assassin, bruiser, mage type of character. It's hard to describe him with one word, which is why Player First Games probably just defaulted to calling him a "bruiser," but we're sorry for calling the young man trash in our previous post, because after getting to learn him and become more comfortable with his moveset.

There are few characters in the game with a spike quite as satisfying as his. Now that I have made a few people rage quit, have gotten my perks right on him for my playstyle, and have won a few games with around 100 damage total,,, I think I have the right to comment on this little stud.

We have a how to play coming soon for Morty!! Stay tuned.

And as always, thank you for reading.

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